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Corporate online reputation

Because your company’s image is your best asset



The world of economic information has completely changed. These days, a prospect, future associate or a new employee can, in seconds, see:

Your products and their critics,
Your brands and malicious comments about them,
Your job ads and defamatory comments by former employees, etc…
This information which is harmful and counterproductive for your entity, must be controlled, cleaned or eradicated.

Whether you’re a major retailer, SME, SMI, manufacturer or a CAC 40 company, you have to be concerned about Online Reputation issues such as disparagement on blogs or review sites, defamation by your competitors, embarrassing articles in the electronic media, negative customer comments, etc. Online Reputation management has become a central talking point for businesses and you have to understand that it promotes, grows or hinders the success of your business projects.


image sur la toile de des Entreprises et sociétésoutils à la disposition des entreprises pour construire leur e réputation

Net’Wash sets up a solution that meets the requirements of your company, brands, events and products.

The right to be forgotten, dereferencing and overall online reputation management must be entrusted to professionals. Net’Wash sets up a solution that meets the requirements of your company, brands, events and products. The agency’s team will work together with your communications team or a contact of your choice to protect and respect your marketing goals.

Some examples of missions/services we have carried out for companies:

Create a technical strategy for crisis management. To do so, we implement two washing methods


  •  Audit and report of the existing situation;
  • A technical strategy for crisis management is created by your dedicated project manager. (Digital Shield)
  • Content identified as harmful and defamatory is buried.
  • Optimization of natural referencing of your existing media.
  • Your social network presence is stimulated and/or created (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
  • Blogs created.
  • Press releases created and posted online.
  • Positive content created and posted online.
  • Existing content or articles are optimized and promoted over the Web.
  • Existing content or articles are optimized and promoted that are not on the Web.
  • Permanent monitoring…


  • Authors of damaging content and defamatory pages are identified.
  • Our partner lawyers issue formal notices.
  • Official findings.
  • Demand and management of right of reply.
  • Subpoena.
  • Temporary injunction by our partner lawyers… or by a lawyer of your choice.


E-reputation is a picture that someone else constructs of us as an individual or a business executive, based on information conveyed to them, that we allow to be gathered from the Web.

E-reputation is constructed by the media and by word-of-mouth. It is difficult, indeed impossible, to network or built relationships without a good reputation, particularly on the Web: these days, a business contract, job offer, or negotiations remain in project stage until each party has been assessed, compared and approved by both sides…

A company’s digital identity is a valuable asset by default, which has to be augmented and controlled. To optimize its results, the company will rely on the net cleaner Net’Wash, which has unique marketing and technical expertise in this field.

Corporate e-reputation has become an essential engine in value creation. Companies can see that their stock market value depends on their public image… The “court” of public opinion is a powerful and feared engine, and rightly so. Which is why the importance of controlling e-reputation, being able to exert immediate and positive influence. E-reputation also goes under the name of “Internet policy”, a global approach to Internet media that covers multidisciplinary expertise:

  • Natural referencing
  • Law
  • Marketing
  • Public relations

Net’Wash masters the entire technical chain of these very specific skills, to help you build your company’s e-reputation in the near, medium and long term.

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