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Consisting of a selection of experts, each a specialist in their field, the Net’Wash team works at various strategic and technical levels including legal for sensitive issues.



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These days many companies offer online reputation services, so it’s fair to ask: Which do you choose ?

I would reply unequivocally: Ours, because that’s what we do. Our teams are 100% dedicated to online reputation. Other agencies often call “online reputation management”, services that are connected with brand image or community management. If you browse our pages explaining our expertise and what we do, you will see that it would be simplistic to reduce it to merely creating an identity or managing social networks.

Web reputation management involves many facets right from preliminary planning (building an image and a community of followers) to legal action (in the case of defamation, libel, passing-off, unfair competition, etc.), plus all the thankless tasks in between for cleaning and responding (dereferencing, burying, activating the right to be forgotten, etc.).

Net’Wash has been a pioneer in this field and has helped create the tools and methodologies that enable us, now, to offer our clients what works best.

By entrusting your Internet reputation issues to us, you get the strength of our experience.

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As you will have appreciated, no single person can perform, professionally and successfully, all the tasks involved in managing a client’s online reputation. Whether you are a VSE, SME, major brand, or a famous VIP, we assemble an entire panel of specialists who will, each, ensure that the right solutions are correctly implemented and that they produce the expected results.


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These days, whatever your profession, business or trade, if you’re on the Internet you have to be concerned about your online reputation. We pull out all stops to offer the right solutions for every client’s particular problems.

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