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Powerful software for your Online Reputation

Our online reputation software can send alerts automatically when results containing certain semantic meanings appear. It allows you to rank the dangerousness of “enemy” sites by audience (major media or obscure blog) and by anteriority, i.e., what came first (site set up to damage you? or already existed), to determine their nuisance power. The sophisticated algorithms of our software also allow you to establish a response strategy based on the smart searches it will do of unexploited areas, depending on your type of activity (personal online reputation, executive, company or brand, hotel, restaurant, physician, political figure, sporting figure, etc.), as well as calculate the potential of the media and sites you already have.

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When we’re commissioned for an e-reputation project, we start by determining the key “problematic” expressions. When a surfer types these expressions into a search engine such as Google, certain undesirable results appear. The monitoring part of our software allows us to keep track of previously identified results to see how they’re changing: are they moving up the search engine results page? or down, thereby suggesting this bad buzz will soon go away ? But just because we manage to make these results disappear, doesn’t mean that your detractors, often malicious, won’t still be trying to fight back to place other results on the page. This is where our alerts software comes into play. Using a sophisticated, semantic parsing and grammar recognition algorithm, we go on to classify new results as “potentially positive”, “potentially negative”, or “neutral”. Human verification then confirms or rejects this classification, and if new undesirable results are recognized they are added to the list of sites to monitor.


Our algorithm is also designed to calculate the nuisance level of your detractors. By analyzing numerous factors such as their chronology, their global coverage, their monthly traffic, their authoritativeness and popularity on the web, their popularity on social networks, the legal or technical recourse possible, etc., we classify these postings as “very difficult goal”, “difficult goal”, and “easy goal”. Our pricing for our services reflects the resources that have to be used to deliver the desired result. “Difficulty” of course reflects the possibility of legal recourse (see our article on legal aspects and e-reputation), which is sometimes a faster and more effective route than any other.


Lastly, after classifying the results, our e-Reputation Intelligence software can prepare an action plan and recommendations, listing the classic existing vehicles that are unpositioned (therefore presumably unused, or perhaps you’re using them but ineffectively), as a gradual response that will repair and enhance your brand image. We have statistics per vehicle that can be used to determine the best media or levers to heal your damaged Internet reputation.


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These days, whatever your profession, business or trade, if you’re on the Internet you have to be concerned about your online reputation. We pull out all stops to offer the right solutions for every client’s particular problems.

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