Hugues Lallemand, development consultant

Hugues Lallemand joins the very closed circle of Net’Wash as an expert consultant in the development of major economic and tourism projects
If one were to describe Hugues Lallemand in a few words, it seems that the following evocation comes closest to the reality: “An unlikely meeting between a top of the class and a enfant terrible” … or “The academic with a self-taught background” … As you can see, there are a few paradoxes in the character and this is undoubtedly what makes him a human being who leaves no one indifferent and a sought-after project marketing actor.
Hugues Lallemand joint Net’Wash
in order to bring his complementary skills to the team of expert consultants already gathered around the founder of the Net’Wash agency, Stéphane Alaux. For more than 20 years, Stéphane Alaux has been walking the roads of the web and his experience has been built up with the evolution of the medium, over the years and with technological discoveries.

Himself an expert in his field, Stéphane has seen the needs of his clients change, as the digital image has become the very image of the public man or woman, the company director or the manager… This digital image has become the reputation of the company, of the brand. It is therefore no longer just the result of work to be highlighted, it is squarely at the origin of a company’s success, based on the lives of the main players, the context in which they work, the quality of the products offered and many other elements.

All this has led to the transformation of the E-reputation agency into a reputation consultancy, then more broadly into digital marketing, then into marketing in general, with studies, research and development support at its core. In 2021, Net’Wash’s reputation and skills are established. The agency has created new activities and accompanied new clients on different paths than those it took in the early years…
Hugues Lallemand, a good university background coupled with the logic of pioneers
So we return to the logic of the pioneers, the life cycle of the “business” having already turned several times… And here is a pioneer in the person of Hugues Lallemand, a muscular intellectual, who frequents the “crème de la crème” but is interested in the land and the people who make up the substance of it! A fighter who knows how to stand behind a blank page, a relationship builder who does not rely solely on diplomacy but knows how to become demanding when he needs to be, thus showing that he is not afraid to reveal his personality, without fear of “what will people say?”

His background is somewhat atypical, but nevertheless effective. He holds a postgraduate degree in public company management (Paris IX Dauphine) and a postgraduate degree in public finance and tax law (Paris II Panthéon Assas). These actions made him discover the humanitarian environment and territories where life does not have the same price as in Europe… His military obligations took him to the 3rd RPIMa as a parachutist officer. This beginning of active life draws the contours of the person who will be Hugues Lallemand in the future: action, anticipation, creativity (resourcefulness?), solutions, change, discovery and above all, we take people with us!
The USA, the trigger
He left for the United States – a must for the adventurous – a destination that gave him the opportunity to discover corporate communication in a specialised company. This discovery completes the palette of the man who has built himself on very diverse experiences, sometimes contradictory, but all formative.

The USA may have been the last touch of colour needed for the marketing artist he would soon become. The time has come for Hugues Lallemand to return to France, ready to enthusiastically apply the advanced marketing practices of the Americans. In his own way, of course…
The stars are shining in the Poitou sky!
opportune meetings and favourable locations will be the soil that fertilises an appetite for the development of tourism in the region, which he will apply in the Vienne… And for a long time. What is known today as territorial marketing, a discipline that is essential for the future of our beautiful regions and yet still little practised in France, is becoming Hugues Lallemand’s violin d’Ingres.

It is as a virtuoso that he leads a policy of project development in the Poitou, a territory which, overall, had no industry nor a large city whose visit alone could have given rise to a tourist attraction. In charge of the development of tourism in the area, he will have to take up many challenges, because there is not necessarily a beginning of a ball to unravel in order to unwind the thread of fame! Indeed, the region is beautiful, the natural and historical heritage is interesting, and life is good, but… This description can be adapted to many other regions in France…

So we had to be creative and combative… Imagine concepts, structure them to make them viable, adapt them to the terrain and make them attractive to implement. The military man trained in humanitarian aid has sublimated the American-style “marketing man” in order to make big and small projects a reality. The technique had to be supported by what Hugues Lallemand calls “rare pearls”: women and men willing to take ownership of the projects and capable of managing them afterwards. 23 years later, the developer had reached full capacity for this territory where projects such as the Futuroscope, the Center-Parc du Bois aux Daims or large new generation animal parks have been developed…

Of course, it is extremely rewarding to imagine, carry out and see the success of large projects requiring political, economic and human leverage, but it is also a powerful exhilarating experience to give birth to and see small projects developed at the municipal, professional or individual level come to life; this is what he has endeavoured to do: to bring many regional wagons behind the locomotives, allowing the region to bubble over and make it lively and unique. To create interactivity and emulation, to make everyone want to create their own gite, restaurant, agrotourism project or even to create a national first, the floating village…

The economic results were felt and Hugues Lallemand can be proud of having played a decisive role in the creation of a territory project, its realisation and its success, thanks to a constant involvement and an enthusiasm which was always present.
The future of tourism lies in training and a global economic vision
Hugues Lallemand: “I have often noticed that the most memorable souvenirs for tourists remain the welcome they received during their stay.”

If we reason in this way, we realise that every territory has its beauties, its particularities, its discoveries… We can compare the beauty of two landscapes, the height of two mountains, the length of two rivers, without being able to decide which is “better” in the end… Whereas what makes the difference is always the welcome we received, better here than there… And welcome is something that can be learned, that can be organised, that improves with work…

This welcome is made by the human beings who live in a given region, with its culture, its accent, its cuisine. And this is what tourists should experience, this incomparable moment born in a specific place, with specific people and nowhere else. Thus, in a world without borders, each territory could have a reasonable share in the tourism market. As long as each one becomes a transmitter of the soul of its territory, relying on the infrastructures that must be put in place to achieve the strategic objectives.

Tourism is an extraordinary lever for development, because it becomes the “trigger” for attracting other visitors, investors, and new actors to the territory.

No one comes to a place where nothing happens… A territory dies for lack of projects.
Being part of a commando team, an idea that appeals to Hugues Lallemand
Today, Hugues Lallemand has become an expert in territorial marketing and is looking for a wider audience. In the current trends of clusters, networks, poles of attractiveness, he felt motivated by the fact of belonging to a team of experts, all of them complementary and allowing to obtain very efficient results. He is pleased to be working with a dynamic and versatile company, which serves his ideas in the same way as he serves the team. This is a time for exchange, collective intelligence and co-creativity.

For an adventurer, the corner of the street can be an exceptional territory and Hugues Lallemand sees himself exploring all the corners… He is therefore 100% ready to contribute with Net Wash, to accompany developing companies, to support and develop large territorial projects with mixed investments, to participate in initiatives that go beyond the borders… Transforming lead into gold, it is a little the work of the communication and marketing agencies, but it is not thanks to magic. Success is achieved through knowledge, experience and successful interpretations, through enlightened inspiration.

Hugues Lallemand

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