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How to prevent online reputation crisis ?

Just a few decades ago, certain mistakes would have no real impact on a company’s reputation. These days, in the age of Web 2.0, the tiniest incident can have disastrous consequences on sales and the sales force. In the majority of cases, crises appear due to an uncontrolled digital reputation and lack of strategy for managing it. Specializing in crisis management, Net’Wash helps high profile personalities, individuals and businesses to strengthen their image on the Web.

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For Net’Wash, the best way of strengthening a digital reputation is first to take stock of the situation. No consolidation strategy can be put in place without a thorough online reputation audit.

On its platform, the agency offers its clients the opportunity to audit their entity’s Web reputation free of charge. During this essential stage, the net cleaner focuses first on sources that cite the client. Based on the information collected about the person or company, it can map its presence and identify the main flaws and the improvements to be made in certain areas.

The second stage consists of analyzing the issues raised by users and various sources (regional media, specialist press, social media, etc.) that mention the company, in order to identify their expectations and take them into consideration when creating the strategy.

To complete the information, it is necessary to determine the influencers and assess the tone of the content that talks about the entity. Actually, influencers can disseminate the largest amount of information about the company. The tone reflects the mood of those actors and other users when talking about it. By analyzing mood, it is easier to understand the sources of dissatisfaction and to implement appropriate measures.


The strategy development stage requires goals to be defined, taking into consideration the information collected during the audit and the actual requirements of the business. Based on these goals, Net’Wash can determine precisely the most appropriate communication levers to achieve them, as well as the actions to take to strengthen the client’s digital reputation.

To boost its effectiveness, the net cleaner sets up a rigorous structure coupled with a monitoring service that will focus on changes in the client’s online reputation, and other parameters.

When consolidating its clients’ Web reputation, the agency may intervene in various ways, including managing frustrations on review sites, blogs, forums and social networks, managing product-quality incidents, deliveries, etc.

In some cases, it may recommend that employees be involved in the digital strategy, particularly to post comments on social networks. This solution can be very effective in reassuring customers and prospects, providing real added value to the information disseminated on social media, reinforcing employees’ feeling of belonging. Employees can no longer be considered simply as production resources. They want to get involved in their company’s strategy and demonstrate that they are essential elements in its development at all levels.


An online reputation crisis may hit an entity at any time. In many cases, problems arise due to the lack of a digital reputation strategy. If the net cleaner has the necessary skills to prevent crises, it can also help the business to take back control of its image.

First of all, the agency estimates the damage and its effects in both the near and medium term. This stage is essential, to define the most appropriate solutions and avoid those that may lead to complications.

It will take action depending on the circumstances, such as posting on blogs and forums, deleting defamatory content (amicably and through the courts), burying negative content, etc.

Note that in many cases the agency works in partnership with legal firms. Although it can’t take the place of litigators, it plays a key role in resolving corporate issues, to the extent that it has the necessary skills to delete or impact the visibility of negative postings by burying them.

Lawyers are tasked solely with protecting their clients and, to the extent possible, winning their case. In most instances, they do not have the essential know-how to intervene on the Web and implement actions designed to improve the reputation of a company, individual or celebrity.


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These days, whatever your profession, business or trade, if you’re on the Internet you have to be concerned about your online reputation. We pull out all stops to offer the right solutions for every client’s particular problems.

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