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How do I delete my google my business reviews ?

Or my Google My Business account


1. Permanently delete your Google file
2. Manage your file

Permanently delete your Google file ?

We can now confirm that Google My Business informations and reviews cannot be deleted permanently.

This famous file at the top right of Google results hurts the online reputations of all types of activities, medical professions, SMEs, SMIs, artisans, etc. and places you in a position of continuous crisis management.

The negative reviews on the first Google page about your file, are holding back your sales. This file is generating a bad reputation for your establishment, as well as for all its local branches.

Good reviews on Google aren’t make you lose less sales and aren’t increasing foot traffic into your establishment.

Conversely, bad Google reviews are catastrophic for the local business, hiring and brand image of national networks and franchises all across the country.
Unfortunately, you don’t have the means to delete this file

Manage your Google reviews ?
Manage your Google My Business informations ?
Do you have to answer to reviews ?


I’ll live with the damage, put up with it, and accept that that my business will suffer due to this file and its negative reviews?


I’ll decide to take control of this space for disparagement which is foisted on me by the leading search engine?

The history of Google My Business.

This idea was initially put in place to save Google+ which was headed for the scrapheap in 2013.
So this file was created in 2014.
Intended to be more professional and effective than its well-known competitors so they would no longer be cited.

This solution which was intended to save Google+, can now damage any local businesses that find themselves brought down by trolls, unfair competitors and malicious customers.

Owners and managers of all types of local businesses have come to dread the inescapable placement of these Google files.

A photo of your storefront, ok good… your Google Maps location, ok not bad… your store hours, fantastic… NEGATIVE REVIEWS, no thanks…


Because the placement of this Google file is inescapable.

At the top right of the Google results page, this file is like a digital showcase.

Do you post negative reviews on your storefront window?

I don’t think so.

Deleting the reviews and their Google account has become essential for local retailers and medical professions.

Medical professions are the first to contact us to delete Google reviews.

Medical professions are increasingly the object of criticisms from patients.

Doctors who didn’t want to yield to pressure from patients to prescribe antibiotics… This is just one example of the pressure on medical professionals.

Restaurateurs are of course also not sanguine about this type of “blackmail” for good or bad reviews, not to mention TripAdvisor which is another vast topic…

Does deleting Google reviews or deleting Google accounts deprive Web users of freedom of expression?

Certainly not, as these reviews can be published with no controls and anonymously under a bogus Gmail account!

So long as reviews are not certified and verified, retailers are free to choose to delete Google reviews or their account.

Want to do business like you used to, without a Google My Business file?

Let us know, we’ll clean it up…

To Obtain informations: +33 (0)4 37 85 59 59

To Obtain informations: +33 (0)4 37 85 59 59


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