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FinTech Specialist



FinTech Specialist
By Stéphane Alaux, Online Reputation Expert
Founder of Net’Wash, Online Reputation Agency

The FinTech Specialist Franck PELTIER talks about his career, his hobbies and how he loved being in Singapore & Hong-Kong these past years.

1. Hello Franck, glad to see you! Can you explain us what is your profession, and your sector of activity?

Franck PELTIER: I am a Fintech Veteran, I used to work in Asia selling software for Banks for equity and derivatives Trading, Risk Management and Market data. I recently made a incursion in 2017 in the arbitrage business, with the help of a few friends we set up a fund doing arbitrage in crypto currencies. Unfortunately, the opportunity of Arbitrage in the crypto world fade away as the market became more mature.

2. Nowadays, Blockchain technology has never been so important for banking industry, do you agree?

Franck PELTIER: It’s a fact, Blockchain technology is a game changer for the banking industry and this is just the beginning as the technology itself is evolving fast. We can see many example of banks embarking blockchain for major projects in various area from retail banking to Asset Management.

3. What do you think about neo banks? Are they just trending now or are they going to change the financial landscape in the long run?

Franck PELTIER: Neo banks are settling into the way of life of the millennium, fast, adaptable, portable. The main question is will they be profitable in the long run or will they be absorbed by classic bank and become part of the banking landscape. I don’t think that neo banks will survive as is.

4. You have been living in Singapore and Hong Kong in recent years. How are these cities? Is it nice to live there?

Franck PELTIER: Hong Kong is a very vibrant city, very expensive to live in but business opportunities are there, it was very easy to find a job there whatever your experience. But recently people are required to speak Cantonese and its becoming more difficult for Caucasian.
Singapore is definitely the place to be for expat, the city is very well organized but cost of living is high, this is the most expensive city in the world to live in (2nd is Paris).

5. I’ve seen that you like video games, especially retro arcade games. Tell me more about It.

Franck PELTIER: This is definitely part of our pop culture. Recent example is the movie Ready Player one from Spielberg which sum it all. You can see more and more Arcade Museum in the US and its starting to spread in Europe too. Retro gaming is definitely part of our culture.

6. You are also a Poker player. What attracts you to this card game?

Franck PELTIER: I don’t play on line anymore as I prefer to play live tournament. It’s a game of patience which requires math skills, people skills and a bit of luck. Of course, to win a tournament with a field of 500+ players is good for your ego and your wallet when it happens.

7. You have a lot of hobbies. What will be the next ones?

Franck PELTIER: I guess I will try to take paragliding lessons, it’s a sport which push you to discover new places. I am also contemplating kite surfing but I need to be in a better shape as it requires a lot of stamina.

Thank you so much Franck.

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