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The best pdf resources for understanding your company’s online reputation
Not yet known by all companies, online reputation is nevertheless a key element of any corporate digital strategy. But what does online reputation really mean? It is simply the image of a company on the web. This digital reputation can be both positive and negative. It is linked to the management of social networks, to the presence or not of a website or a blog, but it is also linked to the results of search engines and the opinions that may appear on them. Today, every Internet user is entitled to express his or her opinion, whatever it may be, about the products or services offered by a company.
However, online reputation has different codes and practices depending on the specific expertise of each company. Indeed, communication on the web will not be the same for a company operating in the restaurant sector or another in the health sector. Many parameters come into play depending on the field in which the company operates. Fortunately, many specific documents exist to help each company in its digital strategy, and more particularly its e-reputation strategy according to its field of expertise.

Some pdf resources for further clarification

Therefore, we have prepared a selection of the best PDF documents to guide you in your online reputation strategy so that it is perfectly adapted to your fields of expertise.
Below this article, you will find a complete selection of documents that will help you to better understand the stakes of e-reputation, whether it be at the level of the company’s image, the brand or even its managers. By consulting these documents, you will quickly be able to understand the impact of a good digital strategy, and thus of a good e-reputation strategy. It will also allow you to understand to what extent the digital strategy can be a complete part of your business and help you generate more profit. Having a good image on the web has many positive effects, so why not take a closer look?

Discover the first pages of the online reputation book!

Download the exclusive free preface to the book written by Vanessa Bensoussan-Brûlé, lawyer at the Paris Court of Appeal, as well as the first pages of Empreintes Digitales, a reputation book written by Stéphane Alaux, digital branding expert and web cleaner.

Online reputation PDF!

You can download the free online reputation guide to cultivating your image on the internet.

Online reputation PDF!

Download for free Clément Sénéchal's study on "Online reputation" of general practitioners: a pilot descriptive survey on the frequency of online reviews among general practitioners in Isère.

Online reputation PDF!

Download Fueyo Celine's study Corporate's online reputation: influence of the digital voice of employees via the e-content of their "Profile" on professional social networks; application to the automotive sector.

Online reputation PDF!

Download our free white paper on online reputation, how to manage your reputation on the web?

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