Get rid of your online reputation

Do a cleanup to build a good reputation

Internet content is harming your image or your online reputation. You want only one thing: to make it disappear, erase it, eradicate it.

You’ve struck lucky: That’s exactly what our online reputation consultancy offers, i.e., to do everything necessary to make such content disappear from your view and everyone else’s.

Is it possible to erase a bad reputation ?

If you want a categorical answer, it’s yes!

However, unfortunately it’s not a simple as that. To totally properly erase a page on the Internet, there are two ways: the legal way and the illegal way. These days we prefer to use the first way, as the second (as the name indicates) is legally reprehensible.
Therefore, strictly speaking, if the page breaches a law, it is theoretically possible to halt its dissemination and very simply shut it down.
It is even simpler when the offense is characterized as, for example, unfounded, stupid and nasty, when the author is clearly identified (and not posted anonymously) and the Internet page is legally in the French domain (hosted in France).
If these conditions are met, it is possible to force a page to be shut down and even faster than usual in terms of French law these days. The process is not long and may take only a few weeks, trust us based on our experience.

Where it becomes more complicated is when some of these conditions aren’t met: you have a suspicion who the offending author is but you have no proof, the site is hosted abroad, etc…

Don’t worry, in cases like that, there are nevertheless solutions that won’t erase the page completely but will eliminate the threat.



Removing a page that threatens you doesn’t necessarily mean deleting or erasing that page. It may just mean minimizing that threat or making it almost nonexistent.

This is what we offer with our burying solutions: to relegate the offending page to the depths of the Internet so that it is only ever seen by a very small number of surfers. The average surfer (95% of people) will not look past the first page of Google and will feel satisfied with whatever Google offers on the first page.

This is the goal that we offer you: to take back control of your online reputation and the search results about you, your company and your products and services.

Deleting content is the key to controlling a reputation.

You’ve just found a link to a website, an article, or a posting on a forum (aufeminin, experatoo, commentcamarche, …) which has just ruined your reputation or that poses a reckless risk to you or your company and you’re wondering how to delete that content, how to ensure that never appears again?

Don’t panic, our agency Net’Wash, the net cleaner, is there precisely for that.



Whether you want to delete a web page, link, content, an article, review or comment, image, video or posting on a forum, we have rates that depend entirely on the severity of the case and the difficulty of fixing it.
We can even in certain cases close the offending accounts and succeed in erasing all traces.

For an estimate and idea of price, call us or send us more information so we can draw up a rate.

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This heading is here because so many of you have asked us this question. So take a few minutes to review the basics and reformulate your request. Your online reputation is on the Internet in a way similar to your reputation in your daily life. There will always be people who dislike you but it is unlikely to be 100%. It’s the same thing on the Internet – your reputation is the sum total of what people say about you, your company, your products, your brands… What you want to delete is therefore not your entire online reputation but your bad online reputation so that what remains is only the good things that people say about you.

Of course, that’s utopian and not really doable. But if the bad things that people say about you are affecting you so much, it’s primarily because they’re displayed for all to see. Often on the first page of Google results, or as a “hot topic” on a very popular forum, etc. And it’s there that we can help you. While allowing everyone their freedom of expression, we can used techniques to “muzzle” them. There is a fine line between freedom of expression and defamation that ordinary mortals don’t know.
We use a legislative and legal armada to short-circuit any bad publicity about you and put in place a technical arsenal of retorts to minimize the effects and delete bad Web reputation.


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