Digital revenge

Use digital revenge to put pressure on your detractors

Are you being attacked on the web by someone who wants to harm you or by a competing company? Do you want to recover unpaid debts? Are you subject to identity theft or cyber harassment?

Our Digital Vengeance department’s action service allows you to defend yourself by turning the tide and shedding light on the practices of certain scammers, harassers, etc…

A service to defend yourself online:

This LEGAL Online Reputation’s service aims to quickly put in place a digital strategy to make visible the elements damning your detractors.

The creation of websites, blogs, social networks, press releases, interviews, are all surfaces that generate popularity and visibility for your case.

The aim is to create pressure to facilitate any request for redress. This digital pressure on crooks of all kinds makes it possible to :

  • Recovering money owed ;
  • Requiring the completion of work ;
  • Repayment of sums of money wrongly received ;
  • Stop the denigration of a stalker (stalker, troll, former employee, competitor, etc.);
  • Etc…


This department aims to be responsive in a timeframe other than that offered by the courts in the investigation of your stalker. We collect and collate data about your stalker(s) in record time.

Of course, before any retaliatory action is taken, anonymous and discreet negotiations are undertaken with the natural or legal persons concerned.

If these negotiations have no effect, we move on to the second stage: the implementation of digital pressure. This consists of increasing the visibility of your case on the Net, naming names, publishing evidence, etc.

It should be noted that fraudsters do not like to be publicised and that companies are very sensitive to maintaining a good E-reputation.




Stéphane Alaux, Web Expert for more than 15 years & Recognised E-Reputation Expert, will coordinate the response actions with his team: Daniel ARSSENIEV, Risk Management Analyst, Economic Intelligence in the context of identity and document fraud, specialised lawyers, bailiffs, investigators, E-Reputation Experts, Web Project Manager, Net profiler. We also rely on the French and foreign authorities for the most “touchy” cases.

All of these services are of course provided in complete discretion.

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