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If you are a public figure, especially in politics, it is essential to look after your image. Apart from public appearances, you also need to pay attention to your online reputation.
And when your image on the Internet begins to be tarnished by bad publicity or defamatory comments, it is crucial to counterattack intelligently.
Net’Wash specializes in net cleaning.
Politician online réputation


These days, information can circle the Web at breakneck speed, which can be a great danger for public figures. A bad reputation can spread in seconds. Net’Wash needs no introduction when it comes to net cleaning. Numerous politicians, companies and individuals have used its services to look after their image on the Web.


  • For 11 years, the agency has been helping a range of personalities to look after their online reputation. The team pulls out all stops to rebuild the reputation of a victim of defamation or negative comments on the Web
  • Available 24/7, it provides continuous, smart crisis management so as not to exacerbate the situation further. It acts boldly with a cool head and works methodically.
  • Every politician, man or woman, is more exposed than others to attacks from adversaries who can use the Internet to harm their reputation. The net cleaner offers its expertise to control that image. It combines protection and cleaning to shelter the client from online reputation nuisances.
Communicate And Clean


We have to realize that, as technologies develop, traditional publicity methods and campaigns aren’t enough to take care of a politician’s reputation. Their image on the Net is also very important. You have to control the flow of information on the Web, because once it gets on TV, radio or into the press there’s a strong chance it will end up on various forums and blogs. All information has to be managed, good and bad. You have to realize that this intangible capital is essential for success in the political world, as election results come and go, can bring down popularity ratings and damage careers. This capital, however, is unstable and requires permanent monitoring as web users have become players in a personality’s public life. Behind the term “web user” can be hidden a team of unscrupulous adversaries who won’t hesitate to destroy a politician’s image. Thanks to its experience, the Net’Wash agency can control and manage the politician’s image.


The web cleaner works with legal firms to stay within the bounds of legality when cleaning. To control a politician’s image and provide them with peace of mind, the team ensures cleanup, the control of information flows, and protection. It can handle any type of crisis. It deals with the appearance of personal data on the Web that should remain in the private domain, confidential information and disparaging articles. It does everything necessary to clean up its client’s Web data. The agency offers a range of solutions to take care of a politician’s image, such as requesting the amicable deletion of data considered defamatory. If that approach does not work, it issues a formal request. It can also request the removal of old articles that relate to disruptive legal cases. When confronting webcam scams, the consultancy helps the client to set up defenses. Clearly, it is advisable not to expose yourself on camera, especially if you’re a politician, a target for every attack. But when the damage has been done, you have to manage the crisis. Generally, the team recommends breaking off all contact with the scammer and deleting them from the contacts list. Similarly, do not reply if they phone or send messages. It is also important not to give in to blackmail and hand over the money they want. Regarding Web management in particular, the agency sets up a system for reporting the offending video if it is posted on a site. The objective is to delete it as soon as it appears anywhere, such as YouTube or anywhere else. To minimize the impact of it surfacing if it is even uncontrollable, you have to protect yourself on social media. The point is to hide the video, using all the strategies available. The team can, for example, alert all of the politician’s contacts and announce that the video is a virus that should absolutely not be opened at the risk of being infected in turn. This type of recommendation usually dissuades web users from watching it.


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