Online Reputation : its challenges, its importance

In contrast to what was traditionally understood as reputation, digital or cyber reputation is harder to manage, as Web 2.0 has greatly speeded up the spread of information and gives consumers exceptional power over businesses and their products and services. Digital reputation plays a predominant role in the development and growth of an entity.

What is meant by digital reputation ?


Online reputation explained and its historical context Even though it has no financial value, online reputation is something that no online company can neglect. It owes its existence to the advent of the web, and consists of an entity’s digital identity as well as web users’ opinions of its products and services, creating its image.
More than simply a risk factor, web-reputation can become a way of showing that you’re different, to give your brand a competitive advantage. However, it has to be looked after and continuously monitored so it doesn’t become a drag on your revenue stream and sales capability.
The expression online reputation was first coined in the 1990s by Howard Rheingold in his study of digital social life or, as he called it, the “virtual community”. As the web evolved, digital reputation became important and major players such as eBay decided to set up systems for finding out what web users thought about a company, product or service.
These days, unless you have excellent skills in crisis management and prevention on the Internet, it is strongly recommended that you use an agency. The Net’Wash consultancy provides a range of services for private individuals and professionals, from audit right up to putting in place solutions to resolve online reputation crises.
net’wash: a range of digital skills to develop and control your online reputation For more than 10 years, the consultancy has been offering its services to high-profile personalities, private individuals, large listed companies, SMEs and VSEs, who want to improve their Internet reputation. For entities that are not suffering any crisis, the agency recommends preventive actions. Actually, it is important to consolidate a company’s image when everything is going well, to be able to better manage its reputation in the event of a crisis.
In carrying out its prevention operations, the Net’Wash team starts with a fast, free online reputation audit. It is essential to establish a picture of the existing situation, identify strengths, and determine the improvements to make.
For private individuals, personalities and companies in crisis, the web cleaning team estimates the damage and its near- and medium-term repercussions. It then takes on the task of developing the most appropriate solutions for the situation: intervention on blogs and forums, creation of positive content, deletion on an amicable or litigious basis of defamatory postings, burying of negative editorials, etc. The solutions must be implemented as promptly as possible. However, it is necessary to thoroughly assess their effectiveness depending on the situation, as an inappropriate measure could lead to additional problems.
When crises require legal action, the agency works in partnership with legal firms and covers only the web part of the issue.

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