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Since the advent of Web 2.0, online online reputation has become one business’s major concerns.

It can be a differentiating factor that provides comparative advantage, and can have damaging consequences on sales when it is mismanaged.

In most cases, monitoring and finding the right solutions in an online reputation crisis requires the intervention of a consultant.



At Net’Wash, each case is assigned to an online reputation consultant who will be your contact throughout your association with our company. You will have their name and direct contact details to keep you informed on how your case is progressing.

Trained in-house, and with the necessary skills and qualities to manage staff and to handle digital issues and the proliferation of information on the Internet, your contact is the lynchpin of our online reputation solutions.

The consultant also operates systems to monitor the improvement or deterioration of your online reputation through early detection and analysis of various signs on the web.




An online reputation consultant’s mission is to determine a company’s online communication policy. It puts in place a communication plan and sets up monitoring to ensure the plan succeeds. In developing the strategy, it takes into account the new uses of the web, the most influential players on it, and key websites, in order to learn what web users are saying. It may target specific platforms (social networks, etc.) or use the Internet as a whole as the basis of an overall plan.

A consultant is a coordinator between the client and the project manager, and its mission demands excellent project management skills. It also manages people, assigns work, supervises web campaigns, and sets up tools to detect the first signs of any crisis on the web. It also liaises with web service providers. It selects them, steers them, tracks creative output, oversees the budget, and monitors results.

To guarantee the success of its projects, a consultant has to be a master at technological and competitive intelligence, be reactive, work easily with new people, have an analytical and synthesizing mind, excellent listening skills, attention to detail, and strong organizational skills.

Based in Miribel, in the Ain département, Net’Wash is a consultancy specializing in crisis management. For more than 10 years, the net cleaner has been helping high-profile personalities, private individuals and businesses to enhance their image and resolve problems related to their digital reputation.

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The agency focuses primarily on prevention to avoid the complicated solutions necessary to resolve crises and their repercussions on sales. On its web platform, it offers its clients a free audit of their online reputation. Such an audit is essential as it collects information about a company’s existing situation, identifies the first signs of a crisis, and recommends what should be done to prevent reputational problems.

Depending on the situation, the web cleaner can then proceed to manage frustrations expressed on forums, blogs and review sites, deal with the consequences of product quality issues, and provide appropriate solutions to manage errors such as late deliveries. A few decades ago, “small errors” like these had no adverse impact on a company’s fortunes.

But since the advent of Web 2.0, they are no longer trivial and can be a massive threat to a company’s existence.

Net’Wash : crisis services

A company can be hit by a crisis at any time. In most cases, the absence of preventive measures is the determining factor in online reputation problems. However, regardless of the situation, Net’Wash can implement appropriate solutions to prevent complications and offer entities an untroubled path in their development.

To start with, the agency carries out an assessment of the damage and its near- and medium-term repercussions, to be able to select the most appropriate remedies. Because it is of paramount importance not to act hastily and worsen the situation.

Depending on the triggering factors and scope of the crisis, the net cleaner can opt for different methods: delete defamatory content (amicably and litigiously), bury negative editorials, intervene on review sites, blogs, forums, etc.

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