Our testimonials


Today, two of our clients have given us permission to publish their testimonials about their Net'Wash experience.


Bruno Carrier is the founder of organic plantation and a businessman specialised in ecological and cultural affairs. As a victim of a defamatory attack, he appealed to Net’Wash as a complement to legal action. He testifies about his experience.

«It was when success knocked on our door that the trouble started.

My company, “plantation bio”, has always been driven by strong ideals built on humanistic values: art and ecology… But courageous views combined with success are things that stir up jealousy. We then suffered numerous attacks when we were listed on the stock exchange, as well as after the creation of the central garden for COP 21. These attacks took the form of false and slanderous testimonials posted online, and with the speed of web 2.0, these spread rapidly and permanently tarnished our reputation.

The result was not long in coming: overnight, my office was inundated with calls from our partners demanding explanations, and our business grouping accumulated delays in membership from members worried about the future of our company. The economic impact was very real, and is still being felt today…

These destabilisation operations take the form of a new form of delinquency, and we wanted to defend ourselves at first, before realising that it was a waste of time. We then turned to the courts. They are doing their job, but the procedures are still long and the consequences of these defamations continue to have an impact on our turnover.

We therefore chose to call on the services of E-reputation professionals. They immediately took matters into their own hands, and with the help of their partner lawyer and the implementation of relevant strategies, things are now slowly starting to recover.

It was a great waste of time and money, and sometimes difficult obstacles for me and my company to overcome. Today, I have learned a lesson about the power of Web 2.0, but also about the importance of good prevention and proactive behaviour regarding defamatory content: as the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure! »


Mr CHEVALIER is the President of the company Nova literie

« In May 2017, I set up my business selling bedding.

In order to increase my turnover, I decided to invest in the purchase of an online bedding sales site under the trade name NovaLiterie. My mistake was not to have typed “Nova bedding review” on the Google search engine.

After several months, I realised that my trade name had bad reviews on the web. Moreover, these bad notices did not concern me. Having invested in a website and a shop in the heart of Paris, I could not stop my activity.

So I went on the internet and searched “how to solve my bad reviews on the web”. Then I typed in E-reputation. I found 4 addresses of companies specialised in this field. After having heard several people from these companies, I was lucky enough, and I mean lucky enough, to have Mr Stéphane ALAUX from Net’Wash on the phone. After having explained my problem of reputation on the web, which this gentleman quickly identified, I was able to see that I was dealing with a real specialist. Mr. ALAUX was able to explain to me with professionalism the actions that his company could put at my service. I therefore entrusted him with the thorny issue.

I was soon put in touch with a project manager called Philomène. The explanations were clear of the work that will be done with immediate responsiveness. The work was impeccable and up to my expectations. In less than two months, my problem was almost managed by this team from Net’Wash. Moreover, everything was done by telephone, which is not always easy. »


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