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Netwash, the online reputation agency in Luxembourg Despite the number of Luxembourg companies who say they use information and communication technologies (ICT, an acronym that covers all Internet and digital technologies), only a small proportion (barely 6%) have clearly developed a strategy for their presence on the Internet.
From our point of view and based on a lot of feedback, they are unfortunately too few and many more entities should define, upstream, a policy for managing their online image and make their online reputation a priority.
It is with a view to raising awareness, educating and offering solutions tailored for professionals to avoid digital reputation crises, that in 2017, in Luxembourg, Net’Wash will be opening its 4th web reputation agency (after Lyon, Paris and Geneva).
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At first sight, you may think that online reputation only affects celebrities (personalities, VIPs and other celebrities) and that all you need is to build and manage your image on the Internet by presenting a positive picture and highlighting your qualities, but actually in addition to building the image, there is also the issue of risk prevention (by limiting or selecting external contributions) and of managing a negative image.

Also, you have to understand that it doesn’t affect only personalities and big companies. Everyone is affected by online reputation because today’s means of communicating information can spread it with lightning speed, faster than you ever thought possible. All it takes is an ousted employee, an unhappy customer, or an unscrupulous partner or supplier, to see harmful information doing lasting damage to your business and adversely impacting your sales in the near, medium and long term.

In addition to the financial damage that you’ll have to clear up, you will also have to bear the real psychological trauma of an often very long and painful road to recovery.
Whatever business sector you’re in, your company, you yourself, your employees, can be victims of an Internet reputation problem. More and more review sites and pseudo-comparative sites are springing up (Who knows a good doctor?, restaurant reviews, etc.) and hand the floor to anonymous web users without any way of authenticating the truth of the facts exposed. Although the initial intention was to provide a space for expression with the goal of improving the customer experience and professional services, these platforms have rapidly become overwhelmed with bogus reviews, libel by dishonest competitors, sentiments exacerbated by constantly disgruntled people… etc.

At the personal level, private documents can be found on the Internet through lack of caution or as a result of the malicious intent of a friend or relative, photos, videos and statements can have negative repercussions on the lives of your children, your family… because the anonymity of the Internet allows all sorts of abuses which, even if subject to legal penalties, can remain unpunished due to the difficulty of suing such actions and their perpetrators in regions beyond the reach of the competent courts (documents hosted abroad, difficulty of tracing and proving the identity of the perpetrators…).

Our entity manages these case and has succeeded many times in removing such painful thorns for our clients, and also manages prevention actions which 9 times out of 10 can minimize the future effects of such instances.


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