The “Cyber Experts” at the service of E-reputation, with AlgoSecure and Net Wash There are 25 of them, all young and highly qualified, their job is cyber security. They are digital experts worthy of appearing in the best cyber thrillers we’ve all read or seen… The idea alone makes us shudder, yet we are far from fiction! At AlgoSecure, IT security company, The teams work on a daily basis to secure the information systems of the agency’s clients. In order to guarantee a service on which there is no doubt, they have remained independent of the software publishers on the market and rely on their spirit of innovation to move forward and succeed in their interventions, which are so delicate in terms of the stakes. This is why they have developed open source tools and are currently investing in the thesis work of two cybersecurity researchers. Algosecure Cybersecurity
An association of 2 expertises
This team of shock joins the pool of experts who constitute, around the agency of E-reputation Net Wash, a hyper efficient task force against the numerical attacks in all kinds. Stéphane Alaux, director of Net Wash, is a long-lasting figure of the digital cleaning, having been a lucid precursor on the dangers of the web, since its advent. Consultant for the media, creator of a free site for companies to assess the quality of their E-reputation, he also wrote in 2019 a book tracing the history of the web and its dangers, Empreintes Digitales, which is very edifying reading.
In the 2020s, the pervasiveness of the Net is undeniable since it has invaded everyone’s daily life, worldwide, whether you are a private individual, a professional, or both, which can complicate things… Indeed, even if we don’t see them, many dangers crawl on the networks, with issues that we don’t necessarily identify at first glance. And yet! Professionals whose activity is based on a commercial site, show business stars, political and financial figures, prominent industrialists, all these people are relatively easy targets and, in any case, very popular with dark web criminals, scam artists, all those who have put their intelligence, often very sharp, at the service of crime: theft of personal data or intimate photos, hacking of social network accounts, scamming the president … A range of various intrusions that it would be too long to list here …
To manage cyber-crises

We can say that a E-reputation crisis, a digital attack leading to a major crisis for the person or the company are highly flammable subjects!!! This is why Stéphane Alaux recommends anticipation and has himself created adapted tools: a permanent watch, at its maximum alert level. As soon as the negative load becomes too heavy, the agency practices burying, a Net Wash speciality that activates its exclusive algorithmic solution: Kathartik Solutions©, a revolutionary technology based on AI and Machine learning. It allows to interact directly with Google so that its evolutions are transformed into a burying strategy.

These operations are used in particular for the clients of the subsidiary VIP ONLY, which is specially dedicated to people who are overexposed in terms of reputation, so we are talking about E-reputation. E-reputation protection and digital crisis response activities correspond to an exponential need for which the stakes are very high:

  • Suicides after years of harassment
  • Professional careers shattered by personal vendettas
  • Bankruptcy of denigrated companies (the number of bankruptcies is very high)
  • Restaurants closed because of repeated attacks (often by the competition…)
Algosecure, Net-Wash Cybersecurity Partner

This is why agencies like Net Wash, Vip Only (and now Vip Only Monaco) and AlgoSecure exist. To protect people and companies and to “repair” the damage caused by attacks. Stéphane Alaux has thus mobilized expertise around the activity and recently created a Task Force including professionals with essential skills : Emmanuelle Hervé, from EH&A Consulting, a firm specializing in crisis management ensures the communication to be put in place before, during and after the crisis. Once the words have been broadcast and the crisis declared, it is the expertise of attorney Virginie Bensoussan-Brûlé, head of the digital litigation practice at Lexing Alain Bensoussan Avocats, that comes into play in order to identify a legal action.

AlgoSecure has therefore added an invaluable string to the bow of digital defense, offering auditing services (web and internal network intrusion testing, “Red Team” auditing (real-world intrusion attempt) configuration, RGPD compliance… and consulting. The agency’s experts carry out a risk analysis, accompany clients in the process of ISO certification
, train and make employees aware of safety issues, perform forensic analysis – a kind of cyber forensics – that allows for investigation after an attack. When the need – of a large account for example – is durable, AlgoSecure is able to delegate personnel on a long-term basis.



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