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Online reputation and its importance

Corporate digitization has given rise to online reputation and profound changes in brand management. Net’wash specializes in protecting your digital brand image and offers a full range of services, from prevention (proactive online reputation) to cleaning (solutions for deleting bad reputation on google and other digital media).

Online Reputation can be defined as everything that is said, good or bad, about a person or entity on the Web. Just like classic reputation, it has no financial value, but nonetheless forms part of a company’s intangible capital and can massively impact its sales.

Contrary to popular belief, Online Reputation is not necessarily a risk trigger, as it permits entities to gather praise from their customers and generate big profits online as well as offline. online qu’offline. When controlled, it is a source of profits.

When damaged, it is a source of sometimes fatal losses. Just like a business works its reputation through marketing campaigns, don’t lose ground to your competitors: groom your Online Reputation with Net’Wash!



Our structure 100% dedicated to online reputation

With increasingly large market share every year, the e-economy has become the vector of choice for all businesses. The emergence of social networks and information sharing has also greatly contributed to awareness that a product’s or company’s brand image on the Internet are critical factors.
To meet this demand, Net’Wash has understandably become a pioneer dedicated to the Online Reputation of individuals and businesses.
Our structure offers a team of professionals to help companies control their image on the Net. Our consultants can provide a wide range of services, including an Online Reputation report to prevent crises, offering organizational advice, optimizing natural referencing, inserting positive content, deleting defamatory postings, and burying negative editorials.
Depending on the situation, it can also intervene on forums, advice sites and blogs to manage frustrations, publish reports of court rulings, manage problems connected with product quality, late deliveries, etc. In the era when companies were far less present on the Web, commercial problems like “product quality” incidents led to no real harmful consequences.

Since the advent of Web 2.0, the consumer has become a player in the consumer world, information spreads at lighting speed between customers and prospects and can be a massive hazard for businesses. Online Reputation is a factor that needs continuous attention, partly to avoid crises and partly to introduce the necessary measures when problems occur.

By controlling its digital reputation, an entity automatically consolidates its brand image and reduces the risks connected with its sales and sales force. This is why it is essential to carry out an audit that will focus on, among other things, what is said on the Internet. On its Web platform, our consultants offer companies the opportunity to perform an audit of their Internet reputation. The service is free and allows a business to quickly survey its situation to take control of its image effectively.


Our consultancy’s scope of intervention is not limited to cleaning your digital image and crisis management. It is the first to work with Net profilers in France. It proactively combats cyber harrassment and cyber attacks that can seriously impact companies’ operations.

Net profiling is a technique for painting the picture of a cybercriminal who has no contacts in the real world. In doing so, the net profiler takes into consideration all the factors connected with the malicious person and attempts to determine their behavior, location and network.

It should be noted that the development of the Web has offered companies and individuals greater freedom, but has also given rise to new unscrupulous practices, such as emotional scams, anonymous threats, dissemination of compromising content (text, photos, videos, etc.), and rackets, over the Internet.


In carrying out its activities, our consultancy may partner with legal firms to resolve problems faster and clean our clients’ image more rapidly.

It under no circumstances takes the place of litigators handling defamation cases, identity theft or brand infringement. However, its interventions can complete the actions taken by the legal firms. Lawyers can win cases, but do not have the necessary skills to delete content that can damage their clients’ image on Google.

For victims of disparagement or defamation to quickly resume normal life, the agency cleans all digital traces and creates pertinent, relevant content to protect their online reputation effectively. It can intervene regardless whether the legal firm wins the case or not.
Is online reputation solely a customer-related problem?


Although 70% of cases referred to us are clearly actions by unhappy customers, or simply the result of an unfortunate policy or incident that the entity wants to “re-image”, we sometimes find ourselves doubting the veracity of the published information.
Thus, we find increasingly frequently that some segments (real estate, hotels, restaurants, and travel, to name but a few…but there are many others) are posting bogus profiles and bogus reviews, sometimes defamatory, against an establishment, company, entity…

The results of our online reputation investigations almost always lead to the conclusion that the originator of such acts is a competitor. This can be identified by standard techniques such as cross-checking and chronological sequencing or by more in-depth techniques such as semantic analysis (of recurring phrases, expressions, mistakes) or by retrieving ID data (IP addresses, accounts, pseudonyms).

It is vital for all entities, of every kind, to protect themselves proactively today, against malicious behavior that could tomorrow threaten their online and offline business.

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