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The French online reputation specialist The advent of Web 2.0 offered businesses numerous opportunities and gave rise to the need to manage their London online reputation: everything published on the Web relating to a person, a product, a brand or a company, personal or professional data posted online. The various social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter, are preferred sources…

These postings are voluntary and at the beginning are often managed by the account owner, but little by little they slip into the uncontrollable universe of the Web, where they can often go off message. In 2016 the sales lost by companies due to flawed London online reputation, inadequately protected data, and cybercrime numbered in the hundreds of millions of euros.

The Net’Wash agency is experienced and very focused in London online reputation management for professionals and private individuals. When all goes well, its omnipresence on the Web contributes to promoting its clients’ products and services, while, in a London online reputation crisis, it knows what has to be done fast: take in hand its technical treatment, communication, and the legal aspects (using specialist lawyers). It prepares a report of the existing situation and determines the best way of managing it. Such crisis management requires a cool head and audacity, which only a professional can deliver at a crucial time like that.


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Reputation is part of a business’s intangible capital. It has no financial value, but it is an inseparable part of the business as a whole. Fleeting and unstable, it can, for example, impact a company’s online and offline sales. However, it would be wrong to reduce the impact of Online Reputation solely to sales figures.

The shift to digital reputation has given rise to “Online Reputation”, triggering radical changes along the way in how we understand and manage that reputation. For companies, it is essential not to regard Online Reputation as primarily a risk trigger, and dispel some common preconceptions. Not every business will be confronted by “Online Reputation” in the same way: some brands are idolized by customers, others are constantly disparaged. We must remember that the Internet allows freedom but is not lawless.
An Online Reputation Agency helps you control your company’s brand management. A brand can be impacted and damaged by the democratization of digital access. The digital world has allowed consumers to become players in the consumer environment. We therefore have to realize that Customers and Prospects talk to each other, listen to each other, and trust each other



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