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Statistics show that 90% of web users read reviews and 67% read them on the Internet. 93% of them say that reviews are useful, and base their opinions on the reviews they read. These figures are telling. It is therefore important to take seriously the information that circulates on the web, all the more so as it can damage reputation in just a few clicks. Net’Wash surrounds itself with a team of experienced lawyers to represent its clients when legal action is necessary.

How to prevent crisis in e-reputation ?

Online Reputation can be defined as everything that is said, good or bad, about a person or entity on the Web. Just like classic reputation, it has no financial value, but nonetheless forms part of a company’s intangible capital and can massively impact its sales.

Contrary to popular belief, Online Reputation is not necessarily a risk trigger, as it permits entities to gather praise from their customers and generate big profits online as well as offline. online qu’offline. When controlled, it is a source of profits.

When damaged, it is a source of sometimes fatal losses. Just like a business works its reputation through marketing campaigns, don’t lose ground to your competitors: groom your Online Reputation with Net’Wash!



For 11 years, Net’Wash has been developing and protecting the online reputations of people and entities, by mobilizing a dynamic reactive team supported by lawyers who are experts in the field.

Internet reputation covers digital reputation, i.e., everything relating to a person on the web, their personal and professional data available online. That data may involve family, colleagues, employees, information posted on various social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google.

These voluntary postings can initially be managed by the accountowners themselves, but users gradually find themselves mired in the uncontrollable universe of the web. Information circulates without any particular regulation and web-users can’t even claim the right to be forgotten. Defamatory data is always stored somewhere and can re-emerge at any time. It is all this information – controlled and uncontrolled – that constitutes online reputation, that the web cleaning agency offers to manage.


To start with, the web cleaner amicably requests that the defamatory data be deleted. If this approach doesn’t work, it takes the legal route and it’s at this stage that the lawyers intervene.

They file requests to review how the matter was reported in the media or to have the alleged facts amended.

Specialized legal advisers primarily focus their actions on image, privacy, injury and defamation issues. This falls within the law governing online reputation.

The provide legal advice before offering an estimate of the cost of cleaning a client’s reputation. They launch a lawsuit or non-court legal proceedings.

The Net’Wash agency works closely with lawyers in France, Europe and around the world to better protect its clients, regardless of their geographic location.

Whether the lawyers win or lose their case, the team puts in place a mechanism to clean up its client’s web environment.

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