How to drown a website page ?

To save your online reputation
This page that hurts you

It’s there, it’s dogging you, it’s getting under your skin. What is? A web page from some blog or even from a major newspaper. It doesn’t matter where it comes from, or who wrote and published it, it’s hurting you and is appearing on search engines (often Google) when someone types in your name, your company’s name, or the name of a product that you distribute, publish, or manufacture.

This single little page is having a devastating effect on your life, your business, and you don’t know what to do about it. Why is it appearing?
Why doesn’t it stay buried among the five billion pages of Internet?

Rest assured, our company Net’Wash is one of France’s online reputation specialists and offers services that can drown a web page if it doesn’t have the power to shut it down or simply make it disappear.



Before answering the question, perhaps we should ask the opposite: Why would this page not appear?
All studies of web-user behavior show that only 5% of surfers navigate to the second page of search engine results. As a Google results page shows only 10 results, a web page has 20 times less chance of being found if it appears after the first 10 results.

So why is this page appearing in the first 10 results?

Perhaps you’re allowing it too much free rein. Every communication strategy is based on occupying space. Ask yourself the right question: Are you occupying enough space? Are you communicating sufficiently about this topic? Not only about the stance you want to take but rather about the name that is its target (your own name, your company’s name, or the name of a product or service).
Nine times out of ten, the answer to this question is that the published content is one of only very few talking about you.
The Internet has 4 to 5 billion pages but only a few hundred appear in the search you’re concerned about.
Once the space occupancy problem is resolved, we can start working on the solution that you want, which is to bury the page so no one ever finds it again.



The previous paragraph is a common denominator – it’s what any communication agency will tell you. They know very well how to do it, even though they may not master all the ins and outs of Internet media.
Where they pull up short, and where our agency comes into play, is when, despite all efforts, the offending page keeps appearing to all and sundry.

Our services have developed from another business that has exploded in recent years: Internet referencing or Search Engine Optimization. We were the first agency to offer a dereferencing service. And let’s be clear and not beat around the bush: burying a web page is exactly the same as dereferencing.

Just like we used to fight to get our clients into the top 10 hits on Google searches, we now fight to “drop” a result below the top 10 and swing our content into a position above it. The Google algorithm is a subtle mix of content (semantics, occurrence count, page structure, and html tags), network (pageRank, trustRank, link building), and other factors all of which contribute at any particular time to the successful positioning of a page (anteriority, bounce rate, optimization for mobiles, security certificate, load time, etc.). Positioning on Google is a real war that we fight every day for our clients and we master every link in the chain – proof of which is that you found us when searching for a solution to your problem.

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