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Business executives are all visible on the Web through their companies and activities, but seem little inclined to manage their reputation on that media. As 83% of businesses will soon have to face an online reputation crisis, this failure seems somewhat irresponsible. The tremendous power that web users now have over brands and companies endangers the online reputation of executives… In 2016, corporate losses linked to online reputation failures, inadequately protected data and cybercrime were massive, reflected in a drop in sales, weakened internal corporate relations, and eventually layoffs, and more…
Looking past the company, executives, for their own future, are advised to consider their own online reputation. Because this information spreads throughout the Web at tremendous speed and a bad reputation can circle the world in seconds. In a case of bad publicity or defamatory statements (particularly by employees), it is critical to counterattack intelligently. It is therefore essential to call on a professional. For 11 years, Net’Wash has specialized in net cleaning and helping executives and personalities to manage their image on the Web.
The net cleaner offers its expertise to control that image, combining protection, cleaning and promotion to shelter the client from an executive’s online reputation.



The Online-reputation is a projection that others build of us, as a person or as a company manager, from what the relays will have reported and what we will have let perceive on the web.
Online reputation is built by the media and word of mouth. It is difficult, if not impossible, to exchange or build a relationship without a good reputation, especially on the web: today, a commercial contract, a hiring, a negotiation would remain a project if the reputations of each party had not been evaluated, compared and validated by both sides…
The digital identity of a company is a default value, which must be increased and controlled. To optimize its results, the company will rely on Net’Wash, the net cleaner, which has a unique marketing and technical know-how in this field.
The online reputation of companies has become an essential engine of valuation. Companies see their stock market value depend on their public image… The “court” of public opinion is a powerful and rightly feared engine. Hence the importance of a controlled e-reputation, which allows everyone to exert an immediate and positive influence. E-reputation, also referred to as “Internet policy”, is a global approach to the Internet medium that brings together multidisciplinary know-how:
Net’Wash masters the entire technical chain of these specialized trades in order to help you build your company’s e-reputation in the short, medium and long term.

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