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More and more of our customers are seeing a site that has been making news for a long time now. Indeed, if we search for GoWork with our tools in the search intentions of Internet users, we clearly see a trend emerging and many related keywords appear.

Our agency Net Wash invests every year in research and development programs. Indeed, Google’s algorithms are constantly evolving and its new features or ranking criteria bring their share of negative elements.

GoWork is one of them and our R&D teams have recently successfully exploited 1 flaw in order to be able, in the future, to offer our customers a GoWork removal and cleaning service. Beware, the reproduction rate of this technique is not yet high enough and we are working hard to stabilize the results and reach a higher percentage of deletions.


What is GoWork?

Many of you are asking the question “What the hell is GoWork? You see it appearing recently at the top of the search results when googling your brand. Often associated with the word “reviews” with completely crazy questions and reviews that are just as crazy.

If the reviews are positive, we can say that it is not a huge problem because the average Internet user behaves like the majority of humans: they are almost only interested in the negative. So don’t expect them to come and read your company’s GoWork page if it’s rated well.

In rare cases, future recruiting candidates will still check out your GoWork page, even if it has a positive rating, because GoWork formulates its questions to attract the future employee or former employees.

Originally, GoWork was a platform for rating your own company, much like Indeed or Glassdoor. Except that GoWork also allows you to ask questions, answer questions and all this in a completely anonymous way.

So anyone, without registering, without even having to justify anything, can post opinions about your company, answer any question or ask questions that are completely off-topic or outlandish.

And that’s not all, we have proof that some questions are self-generated by GoWork, sometimes in bad French, sometimes with no real connection to your business … In short, a horror as we are used to see every day in our activity as an agency specializing in E reputation.

If your GoWork file has a bad rating, it will crystallize all the hatred of Internet users who are angry with you and will be, de facto, self-fed by disgruntled customers, trolls or other people who have nothing else to do but harm your business.

You will have difficulties to recruit, difficulties to sell your products (normal, you have a bad rating on GoWork) and all this because of a very small page where anyone, in defiance of the law, can write anything.

In defiance of the law? Does GoWork not respect the French law ? Well no because GoWork is not subjected to the French jurisdiction as we explain it to you at once.


Who is behind GoWork? From which country does GoWork operate ?

Despite its “French” url, GoWork is not a French site and has no entity in France.

The domain name gowork.fr was purchased for SEO purposes and to be better positioned on Google.fr. Because at the beginning GoWork is a Polish company as its legal mentions show it:


The legal entity is GoWork.ES Sp. z o.o.

The director of the publication is Mr. Andrzej Kosieradzki
And the site does not respect the French and European legislation since no indication is given on the host of the site.

After research, the registrar of the domain name gowork.fr is the French company OVH. But there is a good chance that the site is hosted elsewhere since the server ip is an American ip belonging to CloudFlare. In the history of the domain we find trace of a hosting in Poland at the company IQ (iq.pl) in Gdansk.

GoWork is therefore an entity under Polish law as indicated in its terms and conditions:

conditions générales du site GoWork

Why is GoWork so well positioned or ranked so high in Google?

GoWork has good statistics. The domain is very authoritative and has more than 2 million incoming links from over 1000 different referring domains.

At the time of writing (September 2022), GoWork.fr has an estimated traffic of almost 450,000 visits per month for more than a million pages in the Google index.

In addition, many pages are regularly fed by customer feedback or GoWork’s auto-generating system, which means that the content is fresh and changes regularly.

Finally, unhappy customers pass the word and send each other the url so that many different ip’s come to hit the site.

All these are signals that contribute to the popularity of the site with Google, which logically makes it rise in its ranking.

How do I remove GoWork?

Before answering this question, Net Wash’s team of E reputation experts would like to clarify a few points.

First of all, there are articles on the internet explaining that GoWork is going to be summoned in front of the court of Paris (or any other competent French court) for facts of defamation, false contents, denigrating or facts of swindle, in the hope to make the platform forbidden.

First of all, the summary proceedings could well prohibit the publication of an incriminated page and force the GoWork company to delete it.

On the other hand, a legal action could take a long time, engage in a complex and costly legal battle without any guarantee of result.

In any case, even if GoWork is condemned, it is a Polish company operating in Poland and the French State has no means of pressure to make this condemnation effective on Polish soil.

Let’s take the opportunity to remind that Poland is part of the states that blithely sweep away the European law, refusing to transcribe it into their national law and flouting all the rules governing our community (read this article from Le Monde: Poland challenges the primacy of EU law or this one …). We find it difficult to see how a Polish court could suddenly choose to condemn a Polish entity simply because a French court has decided so.

If you want to win a legal battle against GoWork, you have, in our opinion, no other solution than to attack the platform in its own country. Risky, expensive and in our opinion doomed to failure.

So what does Net’Wash propose to remove GoWork? Our teams have set up a burial procedure that we are now presenting to you:

Bury the page in the results to remove GoWork from the 1st page of Google

This procedure takes time because it consists in moving other surfaces above the GoWork file concerning you. To do this, you must first create new surfaces or identify potential surfaces that can go higher than GoWork (which is, let’s remember, an extremely authoritative site).

Once these surfaces are created or identified, we must work to make them more authoritative through backlinks and other behavioral SEO actions (another technique from our R&D team that is starting to give good results).

This action of burying the GoWork’s website is all the more effective if it is implemented with communication and press relations actions.

Deux personnes qui se serre la main

Of course, this does not prevent bad reviews from appearing, nor does it allow us to remove them for the moment.

Nevertheless, as your GoWork listing drops in the results, we notice a decrease in negative reviews: they arrive in smaller numbers and unhappy people express themselves on a listing that does not have as much visibility as before.

This is a satisfactory solution that can allow you to regain control of your E reputation and continue to work honestly.

Need to know more or get a quote for a GoWork removal / burial?

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    But what is the French state doing against the illegal platform GoWork?!

    The case of GoWork has caused many reactions at Net-Wash agency. At the beginning, we were angry, of course, like our customers, then we were annoyed and finally today GoWork makes us smile.

    How can the French State, so “in the horse’s mouth” about false reviews, which legislates against “false positive reviews” and which sends the famous DGCCRF to investigate to catch the offenders, how can this State of law let GoWork work with impunity?

    We would like to hear the DGCCRF on this subject because, if it is legitimate to fight against the “false positive reviews”, it would also be useful to fight against the “false negative reviews” which swarm on the Googlemybusiness (GMB) files or on the GoWork files that some of our customers beg us to delete.

    But no, the state hits people who work and pay their taxes, VAT and everything else that goes with it. But people like GoWork who earn money on French territory while paying nothing because they are domiciled in Poland, beyond the reach of our jurisdictions, continue to operate illegally without being the least bit worried.

    As such, GoWork joins Wikipedia in the group of hypocritical and non-transparent platforms and do a lot of harm to people who are just trying to make a living.
    If you have other problems and want to derefer a negative link or clean up your company’s reputation, contact us.

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