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These days, whatever your profession, business or trade, if you’re on the Internet you have to be concerned about your online reputation. We pull out all stops to offer the right solutions for every client’s particular problems. To see the range we cover, see “Our Services” in the menu.


Web surfers these days have the power over what’s said on the Internet.


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Embarrassing content about your private life is holding you back from finding a new job.


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Whether you’re a large or small business, your image on the Web has taken on indisputably major strategic and economic importance.

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VIP and Directors

VIP and Directors

You’re a political figure, celebrity, owner or company director


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What is ONLINE Reputation?

First, let’s talk about digital identity

Your digital identity is the sum total of everything published online about you, your family or your business (on Facebook, LinkedIn, Viadeo, etc.), in short: voluntary and desired postings.

Then comes Online Reputation, which is where the problems start, when we head knee-deep into an area that is uncontrolled, lawless, and with no right to be forgotten.

Online Reputation is the sum total of everything said about you, both good and bad.

What can yoU do about it?

First, estimate the damage and its near and medium-term repercussions.

You have to act fast, but not rashly. Quickly contact an Online Reputation agency which, after preparing a detailed assessment, will build a crisis management strategy for your web reputation.

Nothing is served by acting rashly by publishing rights of reply to all and sundry and ending up making a mountain out of a molehill… Crisis management demands courage and a cool head.

Companies, exposed personalities, VIPs, directors and individuals who think they are immune to this global phenomenon are kidding themselves.

The Internet’s memory and the speed with which the information it indexes spreads, are ingredients that make a devastating digital cocktail.

Our Internet cleaning experts are at your disposal 24/7.

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Risk NO.1
For businesses

Your Web image must be controlled and kept under control. Our Online Reputation agency has been supporting individuals and businesses for over 11 years now to develop, control and augment their Online Reputation.

Some malicious people or companies can ruin in a few minutes a reputation that you have taken years to build…

Business and personal problems are settled in the courts and not on the Web. Forums, blogs, the net in general… The Internet is not part of the French legal arsenal.

Your image : 70 % of the value of a business

The reputation of a brand, a company or a personality is now continuously driven by the Net. Faced with this new reality, we help businesses to incorporate the new parameters of speed and information propagation, whether positive or negative. Net’Wash solutions help you boost your reputation, monitor it, control it or clean it.

Our modern and incisive Vision of reputation on the Internet has allowed us to provide great service to the most high profile personalities and to businesses of all shapes and sizes…

The Net’Wash Online Reputation agency supports you in this new challenge: Managing your Online Reputation.

Reputation & ONLINE Reputation?

How have we gone from reputation to online reputation?

Reputation is part of a business’s intangible capital. It has no financial value, but it is an inseparable part of the business as a whole. Fleeting and unstable, it can, for example, impact a company’s online and offline sales. However, it would be wrong to reduce the impact of online Reputation solely to sales figures.

The shift to digital reputation has given rise to “online Reputation”, triggering radical changes along the way in how we understand and manage that reputation.

For companies, it is essential not to regard online Reputation as primarily a risk trigger, and dispel some common preconceptions.
Not every business will be confronted by “online Reputation” in the same way: some brands are idolized by customers, others are constantly disparaged.
We must remember that the Internet allows freedom but is not lawless.

An online reputation agency helps you control your company’s brand management.
A brand can be impacted and damaged by the democratization of digital access. The digital world has allowed consumers to become players in the consumer environment.
We therefore have to realize that Customers and Prospects talk to each other, listen to each other, and trust each other.

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