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Plantations Bio is a company specialised in the sustainable economy. Thanks to a powerful team, the company offers consulting services based on principles such as sustainable development and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Their objective is to offer innovative and eco-responsible solutions to numerous French and international companies. By combining art and ecology, Plantations Bio has been very successful with large companies with global influence. However, while the eco-responsible company was on the rise, it was the victim of numerous defamatory attacks on the web. Thanks to the testimony of Plantations Bio’s director, Bruno Carrier, we trace this frequent case of attacks related to the e-reputation of a company or a director.

When success leads to greed…

Ecological awareness is a phenomenon that is developing more and more in French and international companies. This is how Plantations Bio has been able to respond to different issues and propose to companies to combine business and ecology.
During the 2010s, the company became increasingly successful and worked with a large number of companies. Thanks to its strong growth, the director of Plantations Bio decided to go public. At the same time, the company was selected to create the central garden for the major COP21 meeting in Paris in 2015. These two events marked a turning point for the company, which became increasingly well-known on an international scale.

… And defamatory attacks with serious consequences

Because of its great success, the company is much talked about. However, it seems that at that time, some people or companies were jealous of this situation. This is how the slanderous attacks began. Indeed, many false testimonies started to circulate on the web. Due to the high virality of this kind of phenomenon, the company Plantations Bio was quickly overtaken by events. This quickly had an impact on the smooth running of the company’s business. The director, Bruno Carrier, then had to think of ways to fight back against these false accusations.

What are the solutions to fight against a negative online reputation?

Initially, Bruno Carrier resorted to the courts. However, this solution requires a relatively long reaction and sanction time. While the company’s image was gradually deteriorating, the manager felt that the legal solution was perhaps not the most appropriate. Indeed, according to Bruno Carrier’s testimony, the company was under enormous pressure from its customers. At that time, the manager says that calls from worried customers were incessant.

Because of these false claims on the web, partners and customers refused to continue working with the company. It was at this point that the company director decided to turn to solutions more adapted to the specific field of e-reputation. He then met Stéphane Alaux, director of the e-reputation expert company: Net’Wash.

Net’Wash: a digital solution to improve e-reputation

Stéphane Alaux, surrounded by a team of web professionals, understood the disastrous situation in which Plantations Bio found itself. With the help of digital experts but also legal experts, solutions were quickly put in place by Net’Wash to help Plantations Bio manage its digital crisis. Thanks to efficient strategies and a strong reactivity, Plantations Bio’s e-reputation has gradually improved.
The leader of the eco-responsible company has since stated that prevention on the web is essential for any company that has some visibility online.

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