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Online reputation is currently an essential issue for any company with a minimum presence on the web. But it is also essential for companies wishing to recruit new candidates. For candidates too, the company’s image is becoming increasingly decisive, and can sometimes play a key role in their choice of job. In this article, we will look at the different issues of online reputation in the field of human resources.
Maintaining the company’s image among its employees
Implementing internal measures to give a good image to all employees is a crucial step in improving the company’s reputation. Indeed, whether it is via digital media or not, it allows employees to develop a sense of belonging to the company. Indeed, by communicating on its values and on well-being at work, the company has everything to gain. Not only does it have a good image online and offline, but it also contributes to the well-being of its employees. And this is all the more true in the case of digital, especially thanks to the online reputation.
The concept of employer branding
The term “employer brand” is increasingly used by a majority of French companies. It refers to the company’s communication strategy and more particularly to its reputation. Employer branding covers both internal human relations and external relations with partners, subcontractors, suppliers, applicants and even schools. Web tools are therefore very good supports, capable of promoting this notion of employer brand. By spreading a good image around the company, particularly through social networks, the company will automatically see its reputation improve on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook. This helps to build loyalty among employees, who then feel in tune with the values conveyed by the company. But it also helps attract more candidates.

Online reputation, a determining factor for candidates

According to several studies on the subject, more than 93% of candidates find out about the company’s image, largely via search engines.

The main purpose of these searches is to obtain general information about the company, but also about its main activities, the missions it can offer and its corporate culture. The results give an overall picture of the company’s values and vision. And for the under 30s, it seems that this criterion is becoming increasingly important when they are looking for a job. At the same time, recruiters need to present the company accurately in their interviews with candidates. By communicating the company’s values, recruiters promote a good reputation and interest in the company among candidates, who will be more motivated to join the company. Furthermore, recruiters also have a responsibility to maintain a good reputation, for example, by sending a response to all applicants, even those with unfavourable feedback.
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