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Dedicated solutions exist
For many health professionals, the Internet is becoming more and more a determining factor for a major part of their clientele. Indeed, in today’s society, the Internet has taken a considerable place, both at the personal and professional level. In the professional context, it can be beneficial for the image of a company or a practitioner, by increasing, for example, their customers or patients. But it can also have negative consequences for them. That’s why health professionals must monitor their online image. But not being themselves web professionals, it can be interesting to call upon specialized insurers or expert companies.

The influence of the Internet on health professionals

Health professionals are among those who are most impacted by e-reputation. Indeed, their offices are often referenced by search engines. We can thus access a lot of information about them. Generally, we find information related to their opening hours and their contact information. Sometimes you can even make an appointment online to get a consultation more easily. However, the real risk comes from the opinions expressed by the patients. Indeed, for several years now, Google has set up information sheets that appear on the right-hand side of the search results. These cards are also called “Google My Business”. These cards are created by health professionals but can then be freely completed by patients. We then see reviews from various patients, who give a rating between 1 and 5 stars. Patients can also provide comments.

What are the risks of online reputation for health professionals?

The main problem that doctors or other practitioners may encounter is that the reviews generated by patients are not controlled by the administrators of the Google listing. Once the Google listing is created, health professionals are not allowed to edit or delete the reviews. Thus, the comments made by patients are directly published. Some of these reviews are very positive and encourage other patients to go to a particular doctor. On the other hand, other reviews can sometimes be very negative, and can even expose defamatory statements. This is why MACSF, an insurer specialized in health care, has developed an insurance policy specifically for this type of problem

MACSF's expertise in online reputation

Online reputation insurance in partnership with Net Wash
The insurer MACSF proposes different offers for the good protection of health professionals. And within the framework of its legal protection insurance (RCP-PJ), it is possible to subscribe to a specific option for the protection of online reputation.
This option allows you to benefit from legal assistance. In case of a problem related to e-reputation, the lawyer in charge of the case can have recourse to a technical service in addition to his expertise. This service is provided by a service provider, specialized in e-reputation: Net’Wash. On the one hand, this privileged service provider of MACSF is able to ensure the deletion of Google files, if they present defamatory or insulting remarks. On the other hand, this company is able to intervene concerning the burying of negative information, while putting forward a positive content, improving clearly the image of the health professionals. This technique is possible thanks to an optimization of the existing contents and a creation of contents with strong added value, able to reinforce the visibility of the doctors or other practitioners. Thus, MACSF acts alongside Net’Wash in order to accompany its members in the improvement of their reputation on the web.

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