Corporate online reputation monitoring

a strategic imperative
Today, having a good image on the web is essential for any company. However, it is not always easy because of the multiplication of access to information for potential customers or prospects. Between social networks, blogs, consumer forums and influencers, information is everywhere. However, less than 15% of French companies have already developed an online reputation monitoring strategy. We explain why monitoring your image on the web is essential in a context of digitalisation of the company.

Know your market better

Initially, monitoring is mainly done to keep an eye on your competitors. This may seem superfluous to many people. However, it allows you to observe market trends and draw inspiration from them. By seeing how different competitors behave, it is easier to identify your company’s weaknesses and strengths. This point of comparison is crucial for your company to evolve in a favourable direction.

Knowing your reputation on the web

In addition to monitoring your competitors, monitoring also allows you to know what is being said about your company on the web. First of all, start by carrying out an audit by doing a Google search in order to get an overall idea of your image. This allows you to really identify the different media in which your company is present (press, social networks, blogs, forums, reviews). This will then serve as a basis for your recurring searches. In addition, it allows you to maintain a relationship with your customers and prospects. Indeed, establishing a close relationship with your customers will promote a good image on the web.

Become proactive

To control your cyber reputation

Anticipating a possible crisis

Whether online or offline, no company is immune to a crisis or bad buzz. However, due to the high virality of the internet, a crisis on the web is not to be taken lightly. By keeping a constant watch, the risk of a crisis is considerably reduced. But the mistake many companies make is to focus on your online reputation only after a crisis has occurred. When it comes to e-reputation, the proverb “prevention is better than cure” is fully applicable. Thus, it is better to be able to manage the situation before any potential spillover.

Structuring your monitoring and understanding its objectives

For effective monitoring, it is essential to establish a certain structure in this mission. For this, many tools exist. The essential tool is certainly Google Alerts, which will be able to alert you in real time as soon as new information about your company is online on websites or blogs. In addition, other free tools are available to help you in your network monitoring. One example is Hootsuite, which can group your various social network accounts together. For more advanced monitoring, other paid tools are also available. In any case, thanks to these tools, you will be able to better analyse your image and the data linked to it. Whether in the short or long term, you will be able to set objectives for your company’s e-reputation and measure the results. By building your e-reputation, you will be able to better manage customer opinions, publications on social networks and above all you will be better able to manage a potential crisis! Get a quote for corporate online reputation monitoring solutions

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