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Are you planning to launch your own company? Beyond the technical aspects (business plan, financing, strategy…), you’ll need to choose a name for it. And a name is more important than you (probably) realize. That’s why a new breed of marketing agency has sprung up: naming agencies. Their mission? To create a name and a brand that are both effective and appealing, enabling the company to stand out and, if all goes well, to remain imprinted in people’s minds, even if it means becoming a fixture in the collective imagination!

Naming agency: what are we talking about?

First of all, it’s worth defining “naming“, this Anglicism (common in our profession in the same way as the googling we discuss in this other article, for example) freshly parachuted into hexagonal marketing. As its name clearly suggests, naming involvescreating a brand name, in line with various elements such asthe nature of the project, the sector of activity, the competition, market trends… In addition, the name chosen will need to reflect, in one way or another, other less obvious elements. In this case, we’re talking about the company’s level of technological innovation, the vision it wishes to conveyand the culture it wants to put in place… In short, the name chosen must fit the company like a glove, to all facets of the business.

It’s easy to see why anaming agency is a structure whose job it is to find a brand name that will fit the company like a glove. In detail, it’s an agency specialized in the creation of brand names. Its core competence? To find a name that catches the eye, that arouses interest while being easy to remember, thus contributing to brand awareness and image. This expertise is therefore of crucial importance to the company, especially in certain fields such as luxury brands, which must succeed in conveying the values and standing of the company and its products, or consumer sectors where the aim is to stand out from overly large competitors. Choosing a brand name means giving an identity to the company, product or service, the hope being to elicit an emotional response from the public.

What is the purpose of a naming agency?

A naming agency will set about finding a brand name that matches the company’s valuesand objectives, on which it can build its brand awareness, earn the trust of its customers and build loyalty. Basically, a naming agency will make sure to offer you a strong, attractive, convincing name and, above all, one that’s hard to forget!

It’s worth bearing in mind that coming up with a brand name is harder than it sounds.The process requires vast knowledge, skill and a level of creativity not available to everyone. The professionals in naming combineexperience andintuition to create brand names that are unique, powerful and, of course, help you achieve yourbusiness objectives. After all, that’s the ultimate goal.

To sum up, keep in mind that a well-chosen brand name has the potential to give your business performance a boost. In broad terms, it provides a solid foundation to steer your marketing efforts in the right direction.

A final piece of advice drawn from our own experience: try to work on your brand’s reputation right from its launch, it would be a shame if all the effort put into its creation upstream were to be wiped out by some disgruntled minority.

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