Consumer reviews: Aldi’s surprising and refreshing advert

Consumer reviews: Aldi’s surprising and refreshing advert

And if, for once, it was the brands that were ‘suing’ the consumers, or rather the fake review ? Well, that’s what Aldi has done in a surprisingly refreshing advert, which is part of its 2020 campaign: “place for the new consumer”. The supermarket giant’s latest advert is subtle and takes positive and negative tweets about the brand without flinching!
« Aldi is great”, “Aldi sucks”.
Aldi is definitely not afraid to tackle critics! The spot starts with a close-up of an Aldi shop, in front of which a lot of tweets appear in transparency, between the “Aldi is great” and the “Aldi sucks”, we are a bit lost. Not the brand, which thus proves that, far from buying opinions, it assumes them all and integrates the reactions of Internet users who were favourable to it as well as those who were not necessarily so. Then, after 40 seconds, a voice-over addresses us. It is close and intimate: “You can’t always please everyone, but at Aldi, we prefer to offer you quality products at low prices… every day without exception. And that should please you. Message received! The hard discount giant’s advertising campaign (consisting of a 60-second film, also declined into 45 seconds, then into 3 “proof” films, plus outdoor advertising and radio spots) will run until 7 February 2021.
“Make way for the new consumer
Airing since 17 January 2021, Aldi’s new spot reinforces the brand’s signature, unveiled in 2020: “Make room for the new consumer”. For Aurélie Traude, Aldi’s marketing and communications director, “This campaign is an opportunity for us to present our model and positioning by responding directly to a community that never fails to question, challenge or value us.”
Millenials to relay the message
The “Make way for the new consumer” campaign began in 2020 by taking on the mass retail industry, embodying a new way of consuming. To get the message across, Aldi cleverly relied on “Millenials”, the famous generation of young people with a very particular mindset, who aspire to consume differently. But for Aldi, “the new consumer is not defined by his age, nor by his belonging to a particular generation. It reflects a state of mind and the aspiration of a growing part of the population to adopt a different consumption. Different because it is more reasonable, particularly with regard to social and environmental issues. This campaign highlights all our customers, current and future, who embody this way of consuming.

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