e-reputation particulier

How to manage and build your e-reputation?

The e-reputationis essential for a business wanting to stand out online. It is the notoriety of a brand on the internet which is often achieved through reviews on various communication channels. This can be on search engines, forums, social networks or other platforms for example. The e-reputation of an individual or a company is then…
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bad buzz

What is bad buzz?

A bad buzzis a phenomenon that weakens a company’s e-reputation. It is a kind of negative word-of-mouth that forms and spreads on the internet. Without proper action, this bad reputation can spread to other communication channels. Generally, this is the result of a faulty or poorly handled marketing action or campaign. This clumsiness thus leads…
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DRH E-reputation

The use of e-reputation by HRDs

Notification of job candidates: HR departments and recruiting teams have a new reflex. Which one, you say? Doing a Google search on candidates, especially when it comes to an executive or managerial profile! Today, what you choose to share on the Web is your professional business card. In a context where nearly 20% of recruiters…
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Recherche google

How to be referenced for free on Google?

Contrary to what one might think, SEO services do have a cost. So right off the bat, you have to rule out any possibility of free SEO. In other words, free SEO on Google is nothing but a myth, unless you were born with a solid knowledge of SEO, that you don’t need software and…
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