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The (un)solvable problem of fake reviews on the internet?

False opinions on the Internet, a phenomenon that seriously damages the e-reputation of companiesIn the age of the Internet, a large majority of companies, regardless of their sector of activity, experience a strong influence of the web on their reputation, and consequently, on their turnover. However, there is a real controversy about the veracity of…
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How & Why get good customer reviews?

As figures are the best indicator to explain a phenomenon, let’s start by giving some figures on the customer review system. According to a study published in 2020 by IFOP, 87% of French people refer to the opinions of other customers before making a purchase decision. The same study states that, for 34% of respondents,…
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Do you know how to ‘Google’?

Googleliser is an incongruous verb that has found its way into our everyday language. But what exactly does it mean to Googlelise? Googleliser, or Googliser, simply means to search for information on Google. Today, Google is not only the number one search engine in the world, but also the main source of information through the…
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What is an SEO audit?

Identifying the elements that need to be optimised to improve the visibility of a website on search engines is the purpose of an SEO audit, an analysis or inventory of the general performance of a website’s natural referencing. An SEO audit is used when a website’s ranking is poor, or to highlight opportunities to improve…
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How is cyberstalking punished?

Cyberstalking is an offence characterised by a series of acts, comments, behaviours or messages sent repeatedly to a person on the Internet to harm them. This degrading practice, whether moral or sexual, is severely punished by French law, which specifies the various methods of punishment. Here is what you need to know about the penalties…
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How to succeed in personal branding as a freelancer?

Self-employment is making its way into the professional world. In recent years, the number of people who have taken up this form of work has increased dramatically. The name has also changed to a much more stylish name with an English accent: Freelance.As a result, many people claim to belong to this category of workers.…
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Consumer reviews: Aldi’s surprising and refreshing advert

Consumer reviews: Aldi’s surprising and refreshing advert And if, for once, it was the brands that were ‘suing’ the consumers, or rather the fake review ? Well, that’s what Aldi has done in a surprisingly refreshing advert, which is part of its 2020 campaign: “place for the new consumer”. The supermarket giant’s latest advert is subtle and…
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