Quiz: what do you call the image of a person sent back by the web?

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’image d’une personne renvoyée par le web

If you come across this question in a quiz, you can give the answer once you’ve read this article. It’s called E-reputation, or web-reputation, digital reputation, cyber-reputation… While the names change, they all refer to the same thing: the image a person (physical or moral) has on the web. The concern with the concept is that your E-reputation can be manipulated by malicious third parties… unless you take matters into your own hands by entrusting the management of your digital reputation to professionals.

E-reputation: what are we talking about?

The definition of E-reputation couldn’t be simpler: it’s the digital image that the web reflects of a person, a company, a brand, an institution… To put it simply, your digital reputation is composed of all the information about you on the internet: sites, social networks, blogs, discussion forums, opinion platforms… As you will have understood, E-reputation relays a perception, a feeling about a physical or moral person, which can guide an opinion, in a favorable or unfavorable way. Hence the importance of taking your digital identity in hand to control your E-reputation.

E-reputation for people as well as for companies

In the same way that E-reputation guides opinions about individuals, it also impacts the image of companies. E-reputation for companies is an even more important issue as it affects the performance, and sometimes the very continuity of the brand. Today, finding out about a brand or a company online before making a purchase is a reflex. Finding out about a company is really like checking its E-reputation, which is why it is so important for businesses of all sizes, regardless of their sector of activity, to control their digital reputation. Otherwise, they leave the door open to malicious third parties who, with their negative comments, have the potential to destroy the reliability of the company, and hence its commercial performance.

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