Online Reputation agency or law firm?

The answer is, of course, both.

The online Reputation agency is definitely a privileged partner of law firms, whatever their speciality.

There are two basic reasons for this:

– The first stems from an overwhelming truth:

a case is not 100% won as long as its digital traces remain in the Google results… Why?

Yes, the court decision is favourable to the Client, who is restored to his rightful position! But what about his image? If the Client performs a web search on his name or the name of his company and finds that this favourable court decision has in no way restored the truth about his case in the digital sphere… Where is his satisfaction?

– The second reason is that to date, legal action cannot do everything.

Very often powerless in the face of freedom of the press, the time limits of defamation and the limits of denigration, law firms must at this point call on the services of an E-reputation company, which will then implement a technical strategy to bury the “rebellious” negative URLs.

The relationship between the E-reputation agency and the law firm is a two-way street: the agency is also often contacted as a first resort, to conduct an audit of the situation.

After this audit, the web cleaner will direct the Client to a law firm, so that the latter can activate the legal lever, which is essential in the resolution of a digital crisis.

After analysis of the case by the partner firm, if no recourse is possible, the advice given will have been decisive in shedding light on the legal aspects of the case and finding a positive outcome.

Law firms are also part of the digital evolution that has become structural! They are concerned about their clients’ satisfaction and must therefore open up their circle of “suppliers” to online Reputation agencies, which are factors in optimising their services.

Stéphane Alaux.

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