What is the difference between natural and paid search engine optimization?

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SEO or SEA? That’s the question more and more companies are asking themselves as they seek more digital visibility. If SEA or paid search allows you to obtain immediate results, SEO or natural search is part of a long-term logic, both in terms of implementation and expected results. What is the difference between adwords and natural referencing? Which traffic acquisition channel should be preferred? The answer in the following. 

SEO vs. SEA: the cost battle

cost battle SEO VS SEAIt goes without saying that an SEO strategy is evaluated on the volume, the relevance of the traffic, its acquisition channels, but also, and above all, on its acquisition costs. In this respect, natural referencing clearly stands out from the crowd, in that it involves almost no cost for the company, provided that it has the necessary technical skills in-house. Because it is important to know that, as attractive as it may seem from a financial point of view, SEO requires a lot of technical knowledge and a solid know-how in the field. An agency specialized in SEO will be able to identify the most relevant keywords, in addition to mastering the different techniques to optimize an existing content or create a new one capable of improving the ranking of the website or pages concerned.

In contrast to natural search engine optimization, paid search engine optimization is, as its name clearly implies…paid! This means that it incurs greater costs for the company, and this for each advertising action taken. SEA (Search Engine Advertising) is defined as the optimization of advertising campaigns on Google, according to a bidding system for the distribution of ads by Google Adwords. At this level, you should know that it is possible to pay advertising campaigns on Google at cost per click (CPC), cost per thousand (CPM) or even cost per acquisition (CPA).

What to choose between SEO and SEA? Verdict

what to choose SEO or SEAEach formula has its advantages, but the balance is clearly tipped in favor of natural referencing, for obvious reasons of cost, but also of durability of results. Because while paid search allows for an immediate increase in traffic and quick visibility, it also incurs a significant cost. On the other hand, natural SEO makes sense from many perspectives, although it is more time-consuming. By activating the right levers, and seeking the services of expert SEOs, you can access regular traffic that is sustainable. Indeed, the positions that you will have acquired in a “natural” way are generally more durable. Except in the case of a penalty, it is very rare that a position acquired via the SEO channel falls. The question of cost, at the risk of repeating ourselves, can not be avoided. Natural referencing is however very technical, but thanks to the expertise of SEO specialists, you will be able to gain visibility without spending large sums on an advertising campaign. Finally, let’s remember that positioning yourself well through natural referencing is synonymous with a better brand image. For good reason: according to several studies, Internet users trust organic search results much more than advertisements.

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