How to become an influencer on LinkedIn

You don’t have to be the boss of a CAC 40 company or a high-profile CEO to create your own community on the business-focused social networking site
business-focused social networking site LinkedIn. The platform is increasingly becoming a targeting space for brands and
as an essential channel in marketing development strategies.
So here’s how to become an influencer and make an impact on the users of this network.

Turn your passion into a source of profit

If you enter LinkedIn thinking that you will quickly create your community and earn a lot of money, think again. Think again! Because that’s not how it works. In fact, it’s all about building trust.
You need to be there, first of all, because you have a passion that you want to “voluntarily” share with people. LinkedIn users need to be inspired, educated and entertained. These are the three components that need to be included in the message you are going to deliver either through videos, articles or infographics.

Build trust

On the LinkedIn network, as with many platforms, there are some basic rules to follow. Your first step towards influencer status is to ensure that all your profile information is present. This includes a short, well-written bio that talks about you and what you do, a video, images and basic information about your experience and professional activity. To simply tell the people who are going to follow you, who you are and why they should trust you.

Building trust also requires a very considered approach to what you put out there. Because LinkedIn is more business-focused, users are generally more careful about what they post on this network than on other platforms, focusing on their added value in their professional environment. And if they are looking for a job, their LinkedIn profiles are another form of resume. You’re not going to risk your professional future or career by sharing offbeat content that doesn’t add value. So you need to think about creating content that will do just that to best meet their needs.

Look for ways to stand out

The quickest way to influence on LinkedIn is to become a reliable and regular source of useful information. With the huge amount of information out there, you need to find a way to differentiate yourself.

Generally, so-called “counter-intuitive” content works well on LinkedIn. A headline, such as “Here’s why you shouldn’t send any more resumes” can attract more clicks than if you simply write “How to write a resume”.

You have to stop thinking that you have to please everyone to stay visible on the platform. It’s a good sign if you find that your message challenges assumptions and preconceptions. This is what makes it possible to stand out from the crowd and create more visibility for yourself.

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