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Today, the Internet and the numerous communication channels to which we have access thanks to new technologies have enabled an explosion and transformation of communication. What is known as Web 2.0 has reshuffled the deck and changed the way we communicate: less vertical, giving more space to customers and their opinions, which are becoming increasingly important. It has become essential to look at these opinions, at a time when 88% of individuals consult opinions on the net before making a commercial choice. Unfortunately, it is difficult to manage all this data scattered over too many platforms, sometimes not adapted to the management of a good customer service. To overcome this problem, companies such as Custplace are setting up dedicated platforms to facilitate these exchanges and to take full advantage of this large space of expression to exchange with your customers.

Web 2.0: a vast and difficult-to-manage space

Word of mouth has always existed: acquired by many, this practice is part of the reason why customer relations have developed: to offer unhappy customers a sympathetic ear, thus preventing them from venting their anger to others, thereby damaging the company’s reputation. However, with the emergence of social networks and the many platforms for giving feedback on companies, word-of-mouth is exploding, as is its influence on Internet users. While reviews are a great tool for customers to find out more, businesses can quickly become overwhelmed by the sheer number of platforms and messages, with the risk of ignoring some and becoming unable to manage their online presence. What’s more, these unmoderated platforms are often no-go areas, where disgruntled customers vent their frustration and slander businesses purely out of anger, if not out of malicious intent on the part of a competitor.

Centralize reviews and communicate directly and efficiently with Custplace

Custplace is an online service for customers and businesses alike: it provides a clear and efficient way to get in touch with each other on a central platform. There are no hateful opinions or incomprehensible messages here: everything is done to exchange in a courteous way, and to answer and exchange on the problems encountered. The platform offers customers the opportunity to communicate directly with companies on a dedicated quality platform. At the same time, an aposteriori moderation ensures the cordiality of the exchanges, and prevents any kind of denigration or gratuitous insults. The objective of this platform is therefore to put people in touch with each other, and to allow companies and customers to dialogue together to better understand each other. Simplicity, authenticity and reliability are the key words of this new network.

Facilitating the management of customer reviews through an ergonomic and centralised platform is the service offered by Custplace, a Netwash partner. Allowing customers to obtain information on a certified platform, it offers companies the possibility of conversing publicly or privately with customers seeking answers.

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