Lead acquisition: how to measure your conversion rate?

The transformation rate, or conversion rate, refers to the success rate of an objective defined according to your activity. Depending on whether you are a service company or an e-commerce site, you will not define the same performance indicators, or KPIs.

What is a lead?

In the case of a service company, a lead is a qualified contact who requests a quote or agrees to leave his or her contact details by subscribing to a newsletter, for example. Thus, to calculate the conversion rate, you will have to apply the following formula :
  • Number of quote requests or leads / number of visitors x 100
Remember that the average conversion rate for a service site with an inbound marketing strategy is 2%. If your rate is below 2%, it is essential to review your strategy.

How can you improve your conversion rate and get more leads?

The answer can be summed up in a few words: increase website traffic. Indeed, when you follow a linear growth, it becomes possible to get more leads. However, there is a nuance to be made about traffic. The traffic, in itself, does not matter, the key is to have a qualified traffic. For example, if you are a construction company specialising in buildings, but the people visiting your site are looking for a home construction company, the visits are unlikely to result in requests for quotes, as the traffic is not relevant to your target. So there’s no point in generating traffic for the sake of generating traffic, it’s more about generating targeted traffic, which a good SEO will achieve, sometimes with less traffic. Beyond traffic, you can improve your conversion rate by putting prominent calls to action, or by offering a free service.

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