What is an SEO audit?

Identifying the elements that need to be optimised to improve the visibility of a website on search engines is the purpose of an SEO audit, an analysis or inventory of the general performance of a website’s natural referencing. An SEO audit is used when a website’s ranking is poor, or to highlight opportunities to improve the ranking of a website on the SERPs.
SEO audit: definition
The SEO audit is a complete inventory of the visibility of a website. Its purpose is to highlight the reasons why a site does not generate enough traffic and is therefore not well positioned on the SERPs. But this is not a goal in itself. The objective, in fine, is to improve the ranking of the audited site. In this respect, it is important to know that Google’s algorithm is constantly evolving and is becoming more and more precise. Today, to be well ranked on the SERPs, it is no longer enough to integrate relevant keywords and put in some backlinks. It is a question of complying with the requirements of the search engine, particularly from the point of view of user experience (UX), the speed of loading of the site and its responsiveness, the quality of the content and the backlinks, the authority of the site…
Why carry out an SEO audit?
You should know that there are many factors that can more or less influence the ranking of your site on the SERPs. The objective of an SEO agency is to optimise these factors so that your site has all the criteria to be positioned first. These factors can be easily identified, such as the user experience or the quality of the content you publish. Other factors, however, are much less so. These may include, for example, the indexing of pages or the code. Hence the interest in carrying out an SEO audit. Indeed, this complete analysis will allow us to go around the site and identify all the dysfunctions and possible elements to be adjusted, especially when they do not respect the criteria set up by the search engine (quality, performance, reliability…). In other words, the SEO audit is an inventory of the strengths and weaknesses of your website, which allows you to identify areas for improvement, with the ultimate goal of optimising the performance of the site and improving its ranking on Google.
How do you do an SEO audit?
To be successful, an SEO audit must include a technical audit, called “Onsite”, and another audit of legitimacy and authority, called “Offsite”. The Onsite audit, or technical audit, focuses, as the name suggests, on the technical part of your site. It will ensure that your site is well coded and loads quickly. It will also examine all the pages to determine whether the keywords are used optimally, particularly if they are present in the relevant areas (content, tags, etc.). The Offsite audit, on the other hand, analyses the backlinks and the level of legitimacy or authority of the site. In addition, you should not forget to carry out an audit of the content published on your site. Although time-consuming and carried out “by hand”, this step is crucial in your natural referencing strategy.

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