Online reputation: Griveaux affair or saucy affair?

The Griveaux affair

The “bien-pensants” of the left and right who are offended by this web 2.0 affair would do well not to talk too much before making sure they have secured their own digital secrets ;))

What are we offended by?

1. That this politician is a “hair” ahead of his peers in terms of using new technologies? When he is simply concerned that his correspondent receives a nice HD photo of his beautiful tool… 2. That he is in charge? Politicians, because they are paid by our taxes, would not have the right to vice? to lust, to lies, to deceit? Isn’t this inventory finally part of the qualities required for an average politician? 3. The duty of reserve? … Haaa, here we go. Don’t say what you think, stand up straight, contain yourself until you implode… Is this what we expect from the people who govern us? Or do we just want them to work…and during their mandate should they stop being themselves? Should lust and naughty practices stop at the doors of town halls and ministries? I don’t think so… But we French like to demand from others what we are incapable of doing ourselves. Strauss Kahn was quite a rascal but what an economist! Not to mention Jacques Chirac, who loved good food in both senses of the word, and I forget … 4. Adultery? No comment …. With Griveaux we have just lost a GOOD man to the bullets of web 2.0, which is the paradise of “debased” morons, where we have gone from freedom of expression to freedom of denunciation…

They love us

They hate us


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