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The Cometik agency has been creating and referencing websites for 15 years. As a long time partner of Net-Wash, it was necessary to say a few words about it and to present it on our website:

Cometik, at the heart of the digital transformation of the European economy

15 years ago, when Jean-Christophe Vasseur and Vincent Guilbert launched the Cometik project, the iPhone did not exist, and neither did Facebook. However, the two entrepreneurs from the north of France sensed that companies, like the liberal professions, could find formidable growth drivers on the Internet. Over the years and with the technical developments and uses of the web, Cometik has been able to evolve its offer to position itself today as a leader in an ever-widening market that now extends beyond the borders of France to Belgium and Germany.

From web communication to a genuine online service platform

15 years ago, having an online storefront was an important differentiating factor for French companies. At the time, Cometik offered a package of visibility on the web and search engines, including the graphic creation of the site, its technical development, the management of the domain name and related professional email addresses, as well as referencing to appear in the first search results. This formula has attracted several thousand French entrepreneurs since its inception, with an offer that is accessible because it is available in the form of a subscription allowing the investment to be smoothed out over time, over 2 or 4 years.

Always in phase, and sometimes a little ahead, of the market evolution, Cometik also quickly proposed the online corporate video as an innovative and dynamic communication lever to create traffic and visibility, on Youtube and on social networks in particular.

With all this experience gained during 10 years, Cometik’s teams were ready for a new adventure, beyond online communication: make way for the digital transformation of small and medium-sized businesses and liberal professions! The objective? To provide professionals with a complete turnkey solution enabling them to exploit the potential of digital technology for the benefit of their business as a whole. For the generation of commercial contacts, which is the sinews of war, but also for agenda management, the continuous improvement of the content and positioning of the site and the implementation of more up-to-date practices in the daily management of the company.

A change of direction and a new product: NOVASEO

To stand out in a very competitive sector, Cometik made a clear and determined choice: it had to invest in research and development. For almost 2 years, its engineers and developers worked on a completely new version of the tools made available to the web agency’s partners and clients.

The idea?

To create a unique tool in the world for the creation of a website and the management of its referencing on search engines, designed for SMEs and professionals working in the private sector.

The result is called NOVASEO and today it equips 2500 clients throughout France. With NOVASEO, the promise is to “give wings to your referencing”. For a site to be positioned in Google’s search results, many criteria are taken into account: the age of the domain name, the quality of the content, semantic optimisation of this content, links to the site from referent sites in the field, etc. However, the Cometik teams have long understood that the quality and freshness of the content are key criteria, which are increasingly important with each update of the Mountain View giant’s ranking algorithm.

NOVASEO facilitates this work on content and allows you to follow the daily evolution of your positioning in relation to the competition on keywords that generate traffic and business. The tool is able to suggest keywords on which to position yourself and offers writing guides to achieve this. It allows you to follow at a glance the positioning of your site’s pages and your appearance in Google’s local results and the reviews (positive and negative) received. It is a unique proposal today on the French and international market, thought with and for the entrepreneurs and liberal.

Une suite de services Nova compatibles

Si NOVASEO est la brique centrale et indispensable pour initier un projet de transformation digitale, les équipes de Cometik vont plus loin avec une suite logicielle complète qui vient se brancher sur NOVASEO selon les besoin de chaque professionnel. Pour gérer les contacts générés par le biais du site internet, NOVAGENDA est une solution d’agenda en ligne facilitant la prise de rendez-vous en ligne avec rappel par mail ou SMS. Une solution particulièrement prisée des professions libérales de santé qui peuvent aujourd’hui, sous conditions, utiliser un peu plus facilement ces outils.

Avec cette suite d’outils les professionnels sont en capacité de gérer leur communication en ligne, de maîtriser leur réputation, d’accroître leur visibilité et leur chiffre d’affaires, et de gérer leur agenda depuis une seule suite d’outils en ligne disponibles n’importe quand dans le cloud. Le tout, toujours via un abonnement mensualisé pour en faciliter l’accès.

The digital transformation of the legal profession, with NOVAVOCAT

To go even further, Cometik and legal professionals from its Lille base have designed a product dedicated to a profession particularly affected by digital technology: lawyers. A l’heure des forums d’entraide, des plateformes de “legaltech” et de l’intelligence artificielle, le rôle de l’avocat n’a jamais été aussi menacé.More than a new service, NOVAVOCAT is destined to create new sources of revenue for lawyers who are the guarantors of the rule of law.

NOVAVOCAT integrates SEO and online diary tools, but adds a brick dedicated to the profession with a remote legal issue management system, from the internet user’s request to the billing by his counsel. Everything is centralised in the NOVAVOCAT tool to make exchanges more fluid and to offer a new source of income to professionals. A packaged solution that is accessible and easy to use, in line with Cometik’s vision for the past 15 years.

A dedicated team of marketing experts, in the regions

Developing intuitive tools is a good thing, adding efficient algorithms is better, but we must not forget the real humans behind all this technology. Cometik has understood this and has been strengthening its workforce for several years to support change and the adoption of its tools in the field.

In parallel with the evolution of tools such as NOVASEO, new online marketing specialists have been hired all over France to be closer to the agency’s clients. They take customers by the hand to help them make the most of the possibilities offered by Cometik’s range of products and services, day after day. Many competitors are often tempted to reduce their teams by relying on technology, Jean-Christophe Vasseur and Vincent Guilbert have made the opposite choice, by muscling together their tools and the skills of their employees.

A national influence that extends to the European continent

Historically based in the North of France with its head office and Studio in Lille, Cometik has quickly grown in importance throughout France with regional offices in Paris, Lyon, Montpellier and Nantes. The specialist in digital transformation of companies has been closely following the evolution of online possibilities for the legal and health professions for 15 years. This line of development has taken shape with the design of the NOVAGENDA tools, initially designed for health professionals, and NOVAVOCAT for the legal professions.

Today Cometik is looking further ahead and is pursuing its international development, which began in the early years with teams dedicated to neighbouring Belgium. A German subsidiary was created in 2019 and will allow Cometik to confront a new market and new ways of working to adapt its model and advance its tools.

As the leader in France, the expert in the digital transformation of companies is aiming ever higher and ever further ahead, relying on a team of engineers that has enabled it to obtain the “innovative company” label from BPI France. This is further confirmation of the technical excellence that Cometik offers its clients on a daily basis.

The web agency created in Lille 15 years ago never stops innovating to keep up with the uses of its professional clients and their customers as well as the changes in our digital society. The objectives are now being measured on a continental scale with new projects and new local openings planned for 2020, the year of all boldness for Cometik and its 350 employees.

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