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Is your company taking a new turn in its development? Are you launching a new product/service? Or perhaps you simply want to implement new front-office functionalities? There are many reasons to redesign your website. Before you start, you need to define the precise objectives that your site should meet. That’s what we’ll look at in this article.

What is a website redesign?

Before looking in detail at the main objectives of a website redesign, you should distinguish between two types of redesign: visual redesign and structural redesign. The visual redesign consists of a major change in the design of your website. Visitors are much more likely to engage with a visually appealing site. This is why the reworking of your graphic charter, your visual identity or the ergonomics of your interface are parameters that absolutely must be taken into account.
As for the structural redesign, it focuses on the structure of your website. You can’t do this before you have analysed the behaviour of your visitors. A change of CMS? This shift may sometimes be necessary to meet the needs you have identified.

Before redesigning your website

A necessary step before launching a redesign of your website is to audit your current situation. What is your customer journey? What are they most interested in? Which call-to-action works best? What budget are you spending on the whole redesign project? Here again, the support of a specialised agency will make this work much easier by guiding you towards the right decisions to make.
The stakes are high, so don’t hesitate to call on an agency specialising in website redesigns before the project begins. The support of a professional will help you to better define your objectives and formalise your needs before identifying the most appropriate solutions.

The main objectives of a website redesign:

Optimise the performance of your e-commerce website

For an online commerce website, the performance must be there. It is a necessity! You don’t want your visitors to get lost in the meanders of a poorly designed, slow website with a non-optimised customer journey. The redesign of your e-commerce website must therefore take all these parameters into account so that your visitors’ shopping experience is perfect. Don’t forget to optimise the loading time of all your pages. A much higher conversion rate will be the result of this successful redesign.

Generate even more leads for your website

Trust should be the key word in any business relationship. With a well-designed website, your prospects will instantly get a sense of who you are and the trust they can place in you. Whether you work in the BtoB or BtoC sector, you have the same objective: to create an initial exchange with your visitors who are likely to be interested in what you sell, but also to collect their contact details thanks to perfectly designed landing pages. You need to think in terms of lead generation, that’s all that matters. A well-designed website will only reinforce this confidence to acquire quality leads in an even more direct way.

Gaining visibility for your content site

Here, the goal is to be seen. If you have a website that regularly delivers content, you will need to optimise it, primarily, for SEO. Indeed, it is essential for you that your content is disseminated and visible to the greatest number of people. When redesigning your website, it will be important to focus your strategy on optimising your images, the general architecture of the site, cleaning up your URLs, internal linking, netlinking etc. There are many ways to improve the quality of your site in terms of SEO. If you succeed in doing this, you will certainly be ahead of your competitors!

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