Are social networks essential for brands?

With more and more users, social networks have naturally become an indispensable tool for brands’ communication strategies. social networks can reach an impressive number of potential consumers like no other tool. This is not surprising given the number of users. In 2019, Facebook has 2.234 billion monthly active users;
  • Youtube, 1.900 billion;
  • Instagram, 1 billion;
  • Tiktok, 500 billion;
  • Twitter, 335 billion;
  • LinkedIn, 303 billion
  • Snapchat, 291
  • billion(source: Statista).
    Given these impressive figures, it would be a shame for a brand to do without this visibility and not include social networks in its communication strategy. However, it is important to make the right choices, as implementing a good communication strategy on social networks cannot be improvised.

    Which networks to choose?

    to set up a good communication strategy on social networks, you must first define which ones are the most interesting for promoting your brand. don’t rush to create a profile on all the existing social networks. your strategy must be coherent.
    To choose the most coherent social networks, define your objectives and your target.
    Are you targeting the general public? Facebook is a must. Are you targeting professionals? Choose LinkedIn and Twitter. Snapchat, Instagram et Youtube sont tout indiqués.
    Of course, each social network has its advantages and disadvantages, so make sure you use them wisely. The most important thing is to maintain interaction with your audience and build a relationship of trust.

    Quality content to make your networks attractive

    After choosing the right social networks for your communication strategy, you need to attract the attention of your target audience. And this added value is achieved through quality original content.
    To do this, ask yourself the right questions: what makes your brand unique?
    If you feed your social networks with quality content on a regular basis, while taking into account the feedback from your community, you will start on the right foot.

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