When to call on a company specialising in online reputation?

In our increasingly connected era, the digital space that is the Internet is now a strategic development axis for companies. However, Web 2.0 has opened the door to all kinds of excesses. Indeed, Internet users can say anything and everything on forums and comment spaces. Moreover, brands, companies and corporations themselves can face cases that will follow them forever on search engines. All these negative digital traces will then constitute the bad e-reputation of these companies. The problem is that this bad online image strongly impacts their turnover.
To counter this crisis situation, companies can call upon companies and agencies specialised in e-reputation.

If companies are facing a crisis

If the company’s online reputation has already been damaged, the specialised agency begins crisis management work.
First of all, the online reputation agency takes stock of its client’s digital image by listing consumer opinions, but also all the negative links that appear in search engines.
The agency’s mission is to remove all traces of negative links or reviews online. To do this, it uses SEO techniques. It can create new platforms and websites to help remove negative elements. Finally, it also promotes its client’s existing website by optimising its social networks, official website, etc.
Reacting when a crisis occurs is not optimal, as the negative effects are already being felt. That is why it is advisable to call in an e-reputation company as soon as possible.

As a preventive measure

“Prevention is better than cure” as the famous saying goes. Companies, brands and even individuals can therefore call on the expertise of an online reputation agency even if a crisis has not yet arisen. It is better to react in this way, because by the time a crisis occurs, it is already a little too late. The loss of income will inevitably be felt.
On the other hand, if companies were aware of the issue of a bad e-reputation and its impacts, they could devote a reasonable budget to managing their online image. Agencies call this prevention. It is a kind of insurance that protects the client’s e-reputation.
The objective is much the same as for crisis management: to strengthen the client’s brand image on search engines, but without trying to remove negative elements. The aim is to prevent the rise of potential negative reviews and links.
The moral of the story is therefore to call on a company specialising in online reputation as soon as possible to prevent a crisis from occurring.

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